Our Family Experience – Inspired By Joseph Photoshoot

I first ‘met’ Bev, the creater of Inspired By Joseph when she was advertising her free photography lesson for parents and grandparents via Facebook. She wanted to pass on her expertise for taking good photographs of our children to us parents. She explained you didn’t need a fancy camera, just pop along with your phone. I was gutted I couldn’t go, but my in-laws decided to take along my toddler twins and they all had great fun!

I next ‘met’ Bev when she invited me through email to be part of her blog series ‘My Mum Story’, where she interviews local mums and asks them to talk about their lives. Why not have a read, you’ll find mine on there too.

It wasn’t until recently that I actually met Bev in real person! Bev had contacted me asking if me and my family would like a family photoshoot session! Well, how could I say no?

Apart from newborn photoshoots and a whole family one with cousins and grandparents, me and my family have never had a professional photoshoot and we had never had one outdoors! They were always in a studio in front of a white screen and they were always expensive!

At the core of Bev’s business model is affordable photography and after our experience I truly believe she offers this! Me and my husband are already talking about our next family photoshoot with Bev.

Bev emailed me some information about the photoshoot including some tips on what to wear, what colours look good and most importantly to have a think about where to have our photoshoot. This surprised me as I had no idea, we’d only ever turned up at a studio before. She told us that we should pick a place that was special to our family, that held special memories. This is when I knew being outdoors was going to be fab for our family, as you know we love to be out and about! Saddleworth came to mind straight away, so close to home and so beautiful.

We arranged to meet on gorgeous Tuesday evening. Bev was very understanding when we were a little late, getting three young children clean and dressed plus a husband rushing home from work doesn’t always run smoothly! Bev didn’t rush us at all and it was lovely to meet her finally in person.

She introduced us to a gorgeous spot in Diggle that we didn’t even know about! She said hello to the children and immediately made friends with my eldest Joshua by letting him in on her big secret, that children are in charge at her photoshoots!

Isla was extremely shy to begin with and Oscar was more interested in running off which I was a little worried about. My twins are only two and I was a little anxious that it may be a little stressful. Bev soon got them interested with her little bag of tricks, a little toy car for Oscar and a little toy camera for Isla, everyone was happy! We all then took a short walk to the spot Bev had found for us, Joshua up at the front carrying a camera and in his element in charge.

It was a gorgeous sunny evening and Bev took us to a lovely green field, surrounded by trees and wild flowers. We first of all walked to the top of a small hill where we all sat down. Bev told us to act natural, not worry about the kids not smiling and all just relax. The photos from the start came out fantastic even through at first Oscar was reluctant to give up the toys and Isla didn’t want to smile!

The kids soon started to have fun and Bev had the patience of a saint with my three! She wanted to get some photos of the boys in the long grass, Oscar unfortunately would cooperative to begin with but look at this gorgeous photo of Joshua and his daddy!

Whilst deciding where to head to next, Bev got some beautiful ones of Isla whilst we played near the wild flowers and as she gave me a hug, definitely one of my favourites.

We headed down the hill and found another perfect spot. To get the kids interested once again, Bev told them it was their turn to press the buttons. Obviously they all wanted a go and Bev soon had three young children wanting her camera. They managed to take some fab photos too, check out this one they took of their mummy and daddy!

We managed to get Oscar smiling on some of the photos, a beautiful one of him and daddy having a tickle and a gorgeous one of him with us both.

If a picture wasn’t working or any of the kids were getting fed up, Bev would calmly suggest something else and coming back to it. For example, she tried to get the three kids to stand near the tree but Oscar just wasn’t having anyone of it. I’m really happy how the photos came out of Joshua and Isla though.

Bev got a sneaky one of Oscar, it’s gorgeous even if he was off on his own in a little mood. This gave him time to cool down and made it easier when wanting group photos.

Bev next got Joshua, (who was in charge remember!) to get us all sat near the daisy’s making daisy chains. She told Joshua to watch mummy and daddy and to see who made the best ones. Once again we all relaxed into making the daisy chains and pretty much forgot about the camera. These photos are so natural and I love them!

The whole experience was very relaxed and so much fun! I’ve saved my favourite photo until last, it’s so natural, so fun, so beautiful and so Out and About Mummy!

It wasn’t anything like any of the photoshoots I’ve been to before, they are usually all just about the ending photo. This was as much about the experience as a whole, making memories whilst having the photos taken. We will cherish these moments forever. We got a sneaky peak the day after the shoot, I was so excited to see the photos, we received absolutely loads of photos!

Bev offered Out and About Mummy and family this family photoshoot as a gift and I am extremely grateful. If you would like to see more from Inspired By Joseph, pop over to her Facebook and Instagram page.


16 thoughts on “Our Family Experience – Inspired By Joseph Photoshoot

  1. I absolutely have fallen in love with your photos! So natural! I don’t think I could get the youngest to stay still enough to pose on an old fashioned way and this also captures a moment! Loved reading all about it x

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  2. These photos are lovely – ones to keep forever! I’ve always wanted to get a family photoshoot, it’s so hard to get everyone in one shot (that isn’t a questionable tripod one) and Bev sounds like the perfect photographer!


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