The Cockfields Christmas Experience 2019 is better than ever!

It’s almost that time of year again which can only mean one thing! Our family trip to the Christmas Experience at Cockfields Farm. Since Oscar and Isla (my three year old twins were born) we have come to Cockfields each year to see Father Christmas. Each year we are so impressed and the experience just gets better and better!

This year we were invited to come along to the Cockfields Christmas Experience launch event so I am able to tell you guys all about it!

We arrived at Cockfields in our Christmas jumpers and festive dresses! We were really going to get into the Christmas spirit. We were welcomed by plenty of friendly elves who directed us to the North Pole Departure Lounge. On arrival each child received a passport and a special bear coin for later! We took pictures on the giant chair, wrote our names on the passport and waited to set of to the North Pole.

We were soon off and away to make the special trip to see Father Christmas. The first stop on our way was to see an Elf Show at the Elf Academy. Here we met Cindy the Elf and Professor Pudding, who taught us how to be an elf, the secret elf wave, a super fun elf workout and plenty of singing and dancing. The elf show was lots of fun and all the children really enjoyed themselves.

Next we took Candy Cane Lane to Mrs Claus kitchen. After a quick demonstration, the children got to decorate their very own gingerbread man. My three loved doing this, especially eating them afterwards! Mrs Claus then invited us to sit and listen to a story in her kitchen, the children all sat around her on the carpet by her comfy armchair. It was lovely and definitely felt Christmassy.

We said goodbye to Mrs Claus and we entered Elf Village! Here there was plenty to do. The kids had a nosy in Elfridges and we wrote Father Christmas a letter at the Post Office. They even stamped it with a special North Pole stamp and popped their letters in the giant post box! We were even taught how to make extra special reindeer dust for us to sprinkle outside our house on Christmas eve. The children loved scooping the ingredients themselves. I noticed that all the ingredients were safe for wildlife to eat (no glitter or plastic) which was great.

Whilst at Elf Village we went to Elfbucks for a hot drink. My husband and I enjoyed a lovely mulled wine and mince pie, whilst the kids got giddy over cookies and hot chocolate with cream!

The elf village was beautifully decorated, it looked magical. Every detail had been cleverly thought about and so much care and effort had obviously been put into it.

We spent plenty of time in the elf village, there was so much to see and do. After we enjoyed our hot drinks we headed over to the Bear Workshop. A friendly efl took our tokens and asked which bear we would like to choose, make and take home. There was plenty of choice and we choose a green dinosaur, a pink reindeer and a snowman! After deciding, the elves handed us all the parts we would need to build our bear including the stuffing, a heart and a birth certificate. You also had the option of buying extras like a sound box and outfits for your new bear. Professor Pudding came to help my three, she even showed them how to give the heart a beat. My three kissed and hugged the little hearts before placing them inside the bears. All three of them were over the moon with the bears that they had made.

We handed our passport in for our bear workshop stamp and the kind elf kept them and said we’d soon be called to see Santa. The kids had one last walk around elf village and a photo with the selfie board and in no time it was our turn. This is a big bonus for me, no kids like waiting and throughout the whole experience they never felt like we were waiting for anything.

One by one we followed Santa’s elf through the Naughty or Nice body scanner (we were all nice by the way) and we found the door to Father Christmas’ grotto. We knocked a few times, heard a “come on in” and then the elf lead us in.

My three had been so excited to see Father Christmas all day, they rushed up to see him and immediately started to show him their bears they had made. Father Christmas asked them all about the things they had done today whilst at Cockfields Farm and of course what they wanted for Christmas. We could tell that this was the REAL Father Christmas, with his special Christmas suit and his real beard! It was an extremely wonderful experience to watch, all three of my children happily sat with Father Christmas for a photo capturing the special memory forever. Father Christmas then gave them all an extra special gold coin to spend in his North Pole Toy Shop! We waved goodbye, said Merry Christmas then left to head into the toy shop.

Well the kids thought it was fab! So many toys, so much choice and all for the one gold coin! They didn’t need to ask about price or if they had enough, every toy was worth the one gold coin from Father Christmas. There was a wide range of toys to suit all ages. The boys chose quite quickly, Joshua picked ‘Knock em Down’ (a shooting can game) and Oscar a stunt car set. Isla was a little more indecisive, firstly choosing slime, then a doll and finally settling on a pink soft cuddly toy.

We exchanged the coins for the toys and got the chance to see the photo of us with Father Christmas. We decided on having a digital copy, there’s also the opportunity to purchase other things such as keyrings. After getting a stamp we headed out of the toy shop and into the stables to see the animals.

All the usual animals that you find at Cockfields Farm were there in the barn. There are goats, cows, pigs, rabbits, guinea pigs even meerkats! One of Santa’s elves had a hedgehog and was letting the children have a look. There’s also plenty of reptiles and bugs to see and even have a hold of if your brave enough!

My family had the most magical time at Cockfields Farm, the experience from start to finish took around 2 hours for us. This years experience is certainly the best yet our opinion! There are tickets left for certain 2019 dates but you must be quick. All details and how to book can be found here.

I was invited to their press launch and my family with gifted tickets to the Christmas Experience in exchange for an honest review. These views are my true and personal opinions.

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