Cinderella At Oldham Coliseum

For the past few years, a trip to Oldham Coliseum to see their famous annual pantomime is definitely the start of the festive season for me and my family! The show’s never disappoint and this years panto, Cinderella was just as good, if not better than any we’ve seen before!

As with every year, the show is full of laughter, songs, dance and plenty of silliness!There’s definitely something for everyone; young and old a like would love the Oldham Coliseum panto!

The mix between a traditional fairy-tale and a modern story is something that Oldham Coliseum get perfectly right each year! The use of modern pop songs works brilliantly.

The tale of Cinderella is a popular story known all over the world, here in Oldham we follow the lives of poor Cinderella played by Shorelle Hepkin, who lives with her father Baron Boothby Mothwallet, her step-mother Countessa Vyella Squeezepocket and her two step-sisters, Pumpy and Trumpy!

As you can imagine from their names, Pumpy and Trumpy made a lot of pumpy and trumpy noises, much to the delight of the younger audiences! My 6 year old son, Joshua was in stitches every time they were on stage! This hilarious dame double-act was brilliant, their outfits were outrageous. Joshua loved the Emoji tracksuits and one of his favourite bits of the show was when they sang Baby Shark!

For me, it was Sue Devaney from Dinnerladies, who plays Countessa Vyella that stole the show! Her performance was fantastic and the audience loved and hated her all at the same time. Her scenes were full of energy and she completely owned the stage. Another character that the audience absolutely loved is Buttons the Bellboy played by Richard J Fletcher. Each year his performance doesn’t disappoint, he interacts with the audience throughout the show and he is full of energy from start to finish!

There is plenty of slap-sick throughout, especially from the two step-sisters! It couldn’t be a pantomime without plenty of ‘booing’ and of course the lines ‘it’s behind you!’

I asked Joshua to tell me his favourite bits:

*when Cinderella sang ‘This Is Me’ from the Greatest Showman,

*the Dame’s singing ‘Baby Shark’,

*the funny scene with the ghosts!

*all the scenes with Buttons in!

We had a fantastic time and I already can’t wait for next years show. (Lucky Joshua is back at the Coliseum next month to see Cinderella again but this time with his school!) it’s definitely not to be missed!

Cinderella is on at the Oldham Coliseum now until 12th January 2019.

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