FourFit Mini

A few weeks ago, I got sent a FourFit –  Mini Kids Activity Band for my son to review.  The FourFit Mini can track steps, sleep, calories and distance. It can also monitor your health by tracking heart rate and blood pressure.

We’ve been putting it to the test…..

The FourFit Mini is great for kids, it’s slim and is available in 5 vibrant colours. The FourFit Mini allows you to set targets and monitor your child’s health in a fun way. This fitness tracker is also splash proof and is the only kids fitness band with heart rate tracking. Check out all the colours they have available here.

Joshua loved the aqua band I chose for him. He was extremely excited when it arrived and he couldn’t wait to try it out.

Kids can set step and sleep target and parents can even set a reminder for kids to get moving! How clever is that?

He’s been wearing every weekend when out on his bike or on a family walk. He loves tracking his steps and has been trying to beat them each weekend!

He’s a very active 6 year old but it has been great to be able to monitor and hopefully improve his overall health.

The FourFit Mini is simple to use, Joshua got the hang of it within minutes. I downloaded the app via the instructions it came with and linked it to my mobile phone. It’s easy to charge via USB port too

This gets a big thumbs up from Joshua! I think the whole family needs one now……..

Wanting more information about the entire FourFit range? Take a look at their website now.

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