AKEDO- Who Will Be The Ultimate Arcade Warrior?


Have you started Christmas shopping yet? I’m one of those people that says it’s never too early! My kids love nothing more than shouting ‘I Want That’ at the TV adverts – there just full of kids toys now. My boys have spotted Akedo on the TV, so I was over the moon when I was asked to try some out for ourselves.

The world of Akedo (pronounced ‘AH KAY DOH’- Ultimate Arcade Warriors) deliver all the extreme moves of arcade fighting and puts them in the player’s hand for real battling action. There are 39 epic mini warrior action figures, each with an individual fighting style and unique battle-ready accessory. Players can dominate their warrior opponent and finish them off with a split strike that literally splits their opponent in half.


I received three Akedo boxes including 1x single pack, 1x starter pack and 1x versus pack.

In the single pack you get an Akedo warrior, 1 trigger controller and an instructions manual/collectors guide.

The Versus pack is perfect for battling with friends. This comes with 2 Akedo warriors, 2 trigger controllers and an instructions manual/collectors guide.

The starter pack gives you all you need to play the official tournament rules of Akedo, you can even train your warriors to be the best! This pack comes with 3 Akedo warriors. 1 Joystick controller, 1 training accessory and an instructions manual/collectors guide.

The kids absolutely loved playing with this toys, even daddy had lots of fun! We started each battle by saying ‘Ready! Fight! Split Strike!’

These little collectable toys are great fun. My kids really enjoyed playing against each other trying to literally split their opponent in half! I liked them as they were ready to play with from the moment you open the box- no batteries, no set up or syncing.

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