Private Lives

We were back again at Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens, this time to see Private Lives. During the summer we have been reviewing Heartbreak Production plays in the park! This season we have already enjoyed Wuthering Heights and Gangsta Granny.

We picked our spot in the audience, this time we came better prepared with walking boots and even a waterproof blanket so our chairs didn’t sink into the mud.

What I love about the Heartbreak Productions is how the cast greet you as you enter but they stay in character. As we were finding out seats and unpacking our picnic, the actors were speaking with french accents and welcoming us to the L’Hotel Crevecoeur.

Noel Coward’ Private Lives was completely new to me and my husband, we didn’t know anything at all about the storyline and I was so glad once it started. Not knowing what was coming was definitely part of the fun!

The play was about two newly-wed couples on their honeymoon in France. On the first night of their honeymoon, Amanda (who is married to Victor) and Elyot (who is married to Sibyl) bump into each other, they used to be marred to each other! It a ‘love/hate’ reunion at first but the couple decide to flee the French hotel leaving their new partners devastated.

Doesn’t sound like a comedy? Well it certainly was. I haven’t laughed that much in a long time. The whole performance was full of innuendo, sarcasm, hilarious and awkward moments and even scenes that felt a little slapstick. The cast even carried on when pieces of set accidentally fell down or when their shoes got completely stuck in the mud! I felt it definitely just added to the comedy value.

If your looking something a little different, full of sophistication, comedy but also a fight or two….. then this is definitely a must-see! You can check out more information about Heartbreaks Productions and their summer tour here.

We will be back at Fletcher Moss this Saturday to see Romeo and Juliet. Tickets are still available, see here for details.

I was kindly gifted tickets to see their summer tour in return of an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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