The Snowman: Opera House Manchester

I love a trip to the theatre anytime of year, but when it’s the run up to Christmas it’s definitely extra special.

Last night, my eldest, Joshua, and I were kindly invited to see the opening performance of The Snowman. The Birmingham Repertory Theatre Production of The Snowman is here in Manchester until this Sunday. If you and your family love the Christmas classic, then this show is not to be missed!

It’s a classic tale that everyone knows and loves. A young boy wakes up to his garden all white from the snow. He spends the day building a snowman but the real adventure takes place the next morning when right in front of his eyes his snowman comes to life!

The show is based upon the book by Raymond Briggs and like the TV show, has no speaking in it, the entire show is set against Howard Blakes original score.

As we took our seats we were all ready impressed. The lighting on the stage made it look like it was snowing and it really looked magical, just like a winter wonderland. ‘The Boy’, in this performance played by nine year old, George Nearn Stuart, certainly had the ‘awww’ factor and captured the hearts of the audience.

It’s a lovely, memory-making magical show that was lovely to watch with my 7 year old son. Once the snowman came to life it was truly wonderful. There was a few scenes that stood out in my mind including the scene in the little boys bedroom when his toys come to life. Visually it’s magical, especially for the children in the audience. As the boy winds up his music box, the ballerina comes to life and performs the most beautiful ballet across the stage. A toy trains whizzes across as the toy solder jumps to life! There’s so much to look at, Joshua was in awe.

Another notable scene was when the boy and the snowman take his father’s motorbike out for a ride. Joshua kept saying under his breath that there’s no way it would be a real motorbike and there’s no way it would drive around the stage. We were blown away when they both started zooming around the stage! Woodland creatures came out to dance and dodge their way past the bike, a truly beautiful scene.

And finally, one of mine and Joshua’s favourite scenes was when the boy and the snowman fly! The Walking In The Air scene was sensational, as they both floated across the stage there was plenty happening down below. As they land, they meet many other snowmen and even Father Christmas himself!


This show will certainly get you in the festive mood, it’s perfect for young and old, I know my three year old twins would have enjoyed it also. Anyone how has ever loved the classic should see this wonderful production, I’m sure me and Joshua will remember how magical it was for a long time.

For information about this show and to book see here.

In exchange of this honest review I was kindly gifted tickets to see the show. All views and opinions are my own.

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