Locks in GOODNESS- Review

Isla has gorgeous long hair that I have to admit I am envious of! She loves having it in lots of different styles from plaits to buns but it can be hard work to keep it looking nice. She’s a typical three year old, there’s usually jam in her hair or even snot and no sooner have I brushed it does she look like she’s been through a hedge backwards!

Over the past year or so I have tried a few products from sprays to detangle combs, so when the opportunity arose to try a leave-in conditioner made especially for kids, I jumped at the chance.

Locks in Goodness decided to make a range of kids haircare that was completely safe, natural and free from impurities, that’s organic, that’s completely vegan. They wanted a product that’s free from any nasties and that’s exactly what they’ve got. We were sent their Hair Smoothie and Hair Gel to try out.

Hair Smoothie

The first thing I noticed was the fantastic packaging. I was bright and colourful, great for kids. Isla happily let me use it on her hair as she loved the look of it, anything that helps little ones to cooperate is a bonus in my books! After doing a little reading on their website, I found that their packaging is 100% recyclable and biodegradable, another thumbs up. The tubes they use aren’t made of plastic but from sugar cane.

I have been using the hair smoothie for a week or two now. After washing Isla’s hair, I towel dry it a little then apply a small blob of the hair smoothie. I focus many on the ends as that’s usually the knottiest part of her long hair. Isla can moan in the past about having her hair brushed due to knots but I have been surprised at how easily I can comb right through it. I usually then plait it before bed still a little wet, then in the morning she has gorgeous tamed and untangled locks!

We’ve both also noticed the lovely smell, even lasting day or two after! The hair smoothie is a leave-in conditioner full of oils including argan, coconut, avocado and jojoba making her hair lovely and smooth but also smelling great.

Hair Gel

The boys have been testing out the hair gel. Once again, the packaging is 100% recyclable and the product is made completely out of plant-based natural indregients.

We have been wetting the boys hair a little in the morning (they have baths before bed) then applying the hair gel. A generous sized blog is all you need and style how you like it. Joshua especially likes it and now does it himself before school, Oscar likes to copy and has his styled sometimes too.

The hair gel also has a lovely smell to it, which is great as so many hair gels have strong nasty smells. The hair gel is made from organic aloe leaf juice, water, oils and shea butter. Completely free of any nasties and bursting with natural goodness.

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