Robin Hood at Oldham Coliseum

Start the festive season off right with a trip to see Oldham Coliseum’s panto and this year it’s Robin Hood! Running from Saturday 7th November 2022 to Saturday 7th January 2023, Oldham’s famous annual family pantomime is not to be missed! Over the weekend, we were lucky enough to be invited to the press night and opening night performance!

Seeing the panto at Oldham Coliseum is a family tradition of ours now, (oh yes it is!) and my three children look forward to it every year. Robin Hood was written by Fine Time Fontayne and Chris Lawson. We recognised many of the familiar cast including my favourite villain Liz Carney who was the Sheriff and of course Shorelle Hepkin who was the fantastic Robin Hood! There was even some new faces this year also.

We all know the story of Robin Hood and the Merry Men of Sherwood Forest! He steals from the rich and gives to the poor. There was a few characters that we didn’t know from the traditional story but who were actually my children’s favourites including Nurse Nellie played by Charlie Ryan and the hilarious Failsworth portrayed by Nathan Morris from Hollyoaks. Their favourite scenes included these characters and they were always laughing when they were on stage. Dame Nurse Nellie wore some incredible outfits including a hot air balloon dress and some Stranger Things pjs.

As with every Oldham Coliseum panto, my children loved every minute of it. There’s something for everyone, it has the perfect mix of slapstick, modern hit songs, silliness and puns- you can’t not love it! There’s sweets being thrown, songs to join in with, plenty of boo-ing and everything you expect from a panto and more.

My younger children loved the silly parts, laughing at all the silly costumes and enjoying shouting out. My eldest absolutely loves all the hit songs. He was dancing and singing along in his seat. This years panto featured hit songs from Beyoncé, George Ezra, David Guetta and Ella Henderson to name a few.

As usual the dancers are quite a young cast and they were brilliant! My little girl thought it was fantastic to see children singing and dancing on a big stage.

Robin Hood is at Oldham Coliseum now until Saturday 7th January 2023 and tickets can be bought here. Don’t miss the best panto around! We had a fabulous time seeing the panto over the weekend.

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