Toy Box Tots

When I first heard about Toy Box Tots, I instantly loved the concept and knew it was something I’d love to check out! So I was over the moon when they offered Out and About Mummy a couple of boxes for my twins for our recent trip at Center Parcs!

Toy Box Tots rent out toy boxes to pre-schoolers at home, on holiday and at events such as weddings. The idea was developed by twin mums Caroline and Ceci, who wanted to help other parents to entertain their children and develop their imaginations in a more cost effective, storage efficient and environmental friendly way without having to buy new toys all the time.

Their toy boxes can be delivered to anywhere in the UK and are aimed at children aged 1-5. The boxes can be rented from 3 nights upwards and are collected hassle free once your finished with them. Prices also seem really reasonable, starting from £19 a box.

My children thought it was brilliant receiving boxes of toys delivered to our lodge at Center Parcs, they were very excited to open them as each box had one of my children’s names on- very cute!

The toys inside the boxes were all good quality toys. There was a sheet inside so you could check the contents and even a laminated page to give you ideas of how to play with certain toys.

We loved how the boxes were themed and based around a children’s story book. As we looked through the box, we realised the book was for us to keep, that was such a lovely token!

One of our boxes was ‘under the sea’ themed. We enjoyed the story book ‘Shark’s Big Surprise’ accompanied by a shark puppet, a magnetic fishing game, a boat and even a wooden under the sea scene. They were fab and kept the kids entertained for ages.

The second box we rented had a lovely ‘fairy tale theme’, with a book called ‘The Giant of Jum’. My three loved playing with the giant puppet and small finger puppets! There were building blocks to build a castle, a Happyland carriage with a unicorn and Princess (which my daughter instantly fell in love with!) and a beautiful cupcake sorting game which also was extremely popular with all three of my children.

I thought it was a great concept and it really is. It was hassle free and so easy, but mainly the kids absolutely loved it! They completely understood that the toys were for the holiday and not for them to keep which surprised me as my twins are so young! They also seemed to share them better than the toys at home which made the holiday more pleasant. Overall, the boxes were a massive hit and we’d definitely rent boxes from Toy Box Tots again!

You can check out more information about Toy Box Tots, including prices and how to rent one of their lovely boxes via their website. Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook!

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