Outdoor Theatre with Heartbreak Productions- Jane Eyre

Over the years, my family and I have enjoyed many outdoor shows thanks to Heartbreak Productions- just check out my Theatre Review section. They have definitely been a highlight of our summer!

There’s still time to catch an outdoor performance this year- check out the tour dates on their website now. We’re off to a park in Didsbury soon to catch David Walliam’s Awful Auntie! More information about this show can be found here.

Jane Eyre

Me and my husband were invited to see Jane Eyre recently in Fog Lane Park, Didsbury. We packed some chairs, a picnic and a blanket and relaxed for a night of entertainment.

The show opened as a carnival,introducing Jane Eyre as the Incredible Escape Extraordinaire! Throughout the show, we follow the Victorian heroine through her many ordeals including her escape from her aunt’s house, her school, the fire, the moors, and finally find safety with her true love.

The show was fantastic, with a small cast of 5- each member portrayed several characters and this was done very well. There was plenty of humorous moments but certainly several harrowing ones too.

There was an intensity to the show throughout, I think being outdoors really added to this. The writing was fantastic- mixing the traditional literature with a carnival.

There’s always a great atmosphere at these outdoor performances. If you can make one this year, I highly recommend it!

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