Toddler Fun with Messy Me Tunic Bibs

Recently I was sent 2 tunic bibs from Messy Me, one each for my twins. Messy Me sells a range of stylist weaning accessories that can all be wiped clean and come in some gorgeous patterns and designs. We were kindly gifted them in exchange for an honest review. I chose a lovely flowery pattern for Isla as I knew she’d love it and a fab star design for Oscar. My twins are two and love to make a mess! Whether it’s with food or with paint, they manage to get it everywhere! Also, as they turned two, they sometimes refuse to wear their bibs at meal times. This can be a little stressful when if I’m trying to keep them as clean as possible for example at lunch time as we still have to go out later in the day.

The bibs came packaged with a note of how to clean and ‘care’ for your Messy Me oilcloth product. From reading the note I already loved how they were wipe clean! Simply wipe with a damp cloth and soapy water. What was also great that if needed they can be put into the washing machine!

We received the tunic bibs in the morning and as I expected, Isla instantly feel in love with hers! They couldn’t wait to try them on and we were soon in the garden playing with sand and water. We were going out later that morning and I would have usually worried about their outfits staying clean and dry, but the bibs did the job well.

A few days later we tried them out with something really messy, paint! With the beautiful weather we have been having recently we decided to paint outside. Oscar and Isla were happy to put on their bibs again and we headed outside with the paints. We made paint tracks with some old cars and we even painted some rocks ready to hide on our next park trip. The bibs kept them both free of paint and they easily just wiped clean!

As they were both happy to wear the bibs, we now use them at every meal time. It’s fab for wiping up spilt milk each morning, Oscar likes to drink from his bowl! I can wipe clean everything from beans to yogurt, this is one happy mummy!

We even use them outside with ice lollies and ice creams!

More recently we even took them out with us when we went out for our lunch. As I’ve said, usually I would have had to battle with them to put on their bibs to keep their clothes clean but they really do like wearing them. As we ordered the food, we popped the bibs on. The best thing was as we finished our food, we don’t have to carry home dirty bibs. A quick wipe and there ready to use again later in the day.

Messy Me offer a range of stylish products that are made for mess!

3 thoughts on “Toddler Fun with Messy Me Tunic Bibs

  1. We always used a big oversized tshirt for things like painting and just accepted it would always be the ruined shirt. I love the idea of these little bibs instead!


  2. These are great for little kids! Shame they don’t do adult sizes as I can’t seem to eat a single meal without throwing some over me 🤣

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