My Mermaid Lagoon by Interplay Uk

We were recently sent some exciting new toys to play with and I wanted to share with you all what we thought.

We were sent Pearl’s Lagoon and Serena’s Charm Shell from the My Mermaid Lagoon range from Interplay UK. After receiving them in the post, I had three very excited children who couldn’t wait to start playing. The boxes are lovely and very brightly coloured – very appealing to little ones. The recommended age for both of these toys are 4+ due to lots of small parts, but as we all sat and played together, my youngest could join in too.

My little girl absolutely loved the mermaids figures, no one else really got to hold them! She called them ‘fairies’ as she does with anything pretty and she carried them round with her for the rest of the day.

Once my youngest went to bed, me and my eldest could have a proper look! Firstly we had a look at Serena’s Charm Shell. We made the charm bracelet, attaching the little key and cute dolphin charm. The little shell took me back to my own childhood as it reminded me of Polly In My Pocket, a toy I loved as a little girl!

We had lots of fun creating a magical mermaid world with Pearl’s Lagoon. The set comes with a lovely activity guide book, displaying colourful step by step instructions of how to make your lagoon. My eldest enjoyed playing with the magic sand and moulding the shapes!

Pearl’s lagoon now sits proudly on the shelf in the twins bedroom, obviously not with Pearl or Serena in it as my little girl still wants to carry them everywhere.

You can check out the My Mermaid Lagoon range here.

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