Billionaire Boy The Musical

You may know that my eldest is somewhat of a bookworm and he loves reading those of David Walliams! He ‘s read several of his books including Billionaire Boy. Billionaire Boy is a story all about Joe Spud, who is a boy and a billionaire! He has everything (and I mean everything) that he could ever want! That is, apart from a friend. Can money buy you happiness?

We love a trip to The Lowry and we were so excited to be invited to the press night showing of Billionaire Boy The Musical. Joshua had been so excited leading up to it. I didn’t really know the story, but I do love a musical!

From start to finish the pure delight on Joshua’s face made my night! The enjoyment he got from the show was lovely to watch, he was in hysterics for most of it and dancing in his seat and playing his ‘air guitar’ in other parts. He whispered throughout the show to tell me how that happens in the book, he was very excited!

It is silly, really silly, that’s why the kids love it so much! It’s full of bum jokes (about bottoms) enough to keep the two boys giggling all the way home. But it’s so much more than just silliness. The witty jokes for the adults were brilliant, it was topical and current (for example the gluten free, vegan friendly lettuce thrown into the audience instead of sweets due to Govenment guidelines was genius) plenty of humor to keep us grown-ups in hysterics too!

There were some fantastic musical numbers in the show that oozed talent and plenty of energy. It was only a small cast with most actors playing several parts which only added to the humour and the outright silliness!

When I asked my son what was his favourite part or parts of the show, he always mentions Raj, the friendly shop keeper played by Avita Jay. She spoke to the audience and there was plenty of audience participation when she was on the stage, like at a pantomime.

Special mention from myself must go to Joe’s Dad, Len Spud played by Dean Nolan and Bob, played by Lem Knights. Both actors played main characters as well as smaller parts, they brought hillarity to the stage with fantastic facial expressions and energy. Ryan Heenan who played Joe Spud gave a brilliant performance, we instantly warmed to his and wanted him to find a friend so much.

It was a fabulous show overall and it was lovely to watch it with my almost 7 year old. He loved the jokes about loo roll, purple bums and the Fortnite references. I loved the jokes that went over his head, the songs and the lovely moral fibre of the story – it’s not money that makes you happy, it’s family and friends!

Catch Billionaire Boy The Musical now whilst it’s showing at The Lowry, until Sunday 17th Feb.


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