Dough Nab The Game

We were kindly gifted this game in exchange for a pen honest review. We love playing games so couldn’t wait to try it out.

We love playing games, family-night is definitely not complete without a couple of board games. Now my eldest is getting that bit older, it means we can play a wider range of games.

We recently were sent Dough Nab The Game from Ginger Fox and we couldn’t wait to try it out. The game is for 3-6 players and says recommended for ages 8+. Joshua is 7 and understood it perfectly.

It’s a fast-faced matching and snatching game and we loved it! It was a hole lot of fun! Perfect for a family game night.


  • 3 colourful plastic doughnuts,
  • 60 cards,
  • Turn-tracker token,
  • Head bakers hat,
  • Rules.

How to play:

Place the doughnuts on the table and deal each player 10 cards. Take turns to place a card down. If you see three of the same cards (three blue doughnuts), then you have to NAB it before someone else does! Sounds nice and easy but look out for some surprise cards!

It was easy to set up and the game was simple enough to understand and get the hang of. The aim of the game is to get rid of all of your cards, it got very competitive!

We loved the game. It’s nice and easy to just start playing, no complicated set up. It was lots of fun, it had us laughing a lot, especially when we all went to grab a doughnut when we weren’t suppose to!

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