Album Review: David Gibb ‘Rolling Down The Road’

Recently my family were sent a copy of David Gibbs brand new album Rolling Down The Road, so we can check it out and tell you all about it!

David Gibb is a family singer songwriter who is on a mission to write brilliant and engaging songs that will capture the imagination of both children and parents alike. He found himself frustrated at the lack of good music for families.

I personally have to agree. Music specifically aimed at children can get very annoying for parents (I would know) when listening to it on repeat for example on long car journeys! Popular music played on the radio usually talks about issues not related to children, with inappropriate lyrics for example.

An album that everyone can enjoy sounded to good to be true!

We were sent a special edition album bundle to the kids delight that not only included the new album but also last years album, stickers, a T-shirt and badges!

The album has been a bit hit in our house. My younger two enjoyed listening to it at home, they even danced along and made some music of their own.

We have had the album in the car recently. Before we listened to it, my husband was too impressed, expecting it to be an album full of nursery rhymes. But we were all pleasantly surprised!

Every song is different, ranging from rock ‘n’ roll, jazz to country. The songs are catchy and we all were soon singing a long. The lyrics appeal to children and adults alike.

Joshua aged 7, says his favourite song from the album is ‘Long Green Grass’ because ‘it’s good’. Mine personally is ‘I’m Gonna Eat You’, the kids think it’s funny and we all have a giggle! Plus it’s very catchy and once I’ve heard it, its in my head all day.

The album will be released on 23rd August, you can check out lots more information about this album and David Gibb here.

We have been kindly gifted these items in return of an honest review, all opinions are my own.

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