PROM The Musical Review

Last night it was the opening night of PROM The Musical at the Oldham Coliseum and Joshua and I we’re kindly invited.

The theatre was buzzing with a full audience, there was a real excitement in the air as we all took our seats.

After its huge success in 2010, Oldham Theatre Workshop is reviving its teenage take on the Cinderella story. This is an energy-infused piece of musical theatre, performed by some of the most talented young actors, singers and musicians.
PROM! is an upbeat, modern rendition of a traditional fairytale, set in two schools in two parallel worlds – the magical school for Fairy Godmothers (Defixus) and the real-world school (Delawick). Both are under serious threat of closure. Students in both worlds are heading towards graduation and Prom night. And these two worlds are about to come together in an explosion of magic and music.

Well, from start to finished I was totally blown away with the talent! Joshua and I loved every second. The energy that came from these young performers was truly magical the watch.

The staging was simple but so effective and really clever at times. Joshua loves the scenes with magic, his eyes lit up with amazement at the magic tricks.

For me, it was the pure talent that caught my attention. There was so many young performers with outstanding voices, special mention to Ester played by Georgia Conlan (wow what a voice), also The Notes, amazing when they performed as a band.

Georgia Conlan

I also recognised Sophie Ellicott who played Clarissa. She performed last year in Hansel and Gretel at Oldham Library. She once again gave a memorable performance, she was brilliant and so funny last night.

The performance was just as good as one of the bigger musicals that tours the country! Perfect for the whole family. I felt it had just the right amount of cheese mixed with tradition, modern music and superb performances.

We loved it from beginning to end!

PROM! is suitable for everyone (recommended age 7+)

For more information, to get your tickets or to read my Q&A session with some of the cast, see here.

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