Feed The Skin – Totally Chemical Free Skincare

I have to admit, in the past I have used makeup remover wipes mainly due to convenience but these aren’t great for the environment or my skin. Have you?

Many skincare products including face wipes contain chemicals for different reasons such as to extend their shelf life, but do we know what we’re putting onto our skin? Another big problem with face wipes in particular is the waste! Millions of wipes end up in landfill sites when placed in the bin and even on our coastlines due to people placing them down the toilet.

When I heard about a skincare range that’s totally chemical free, I was really intrigued and thought my readers would be interested too. Roxanne launched her own business, Feed The Skin , earlier this year, creating and making handmade skin care products that are completely natural.

Feed The Skin bring a completely new approach to skincare. Not only are their products completely chemical free, they only use raw, unrefined, pure, organic ingredients. All products are also individually handmade to order to keep them fresh.

I was kindly gifted a bottle of Raw Organic Hemp Seed Oil Remover and I have been using it for the past week. This oil remover is a natural alternative to makeup removers and face wipes.

There’s absolutely no colours, additives or chemicals added and it’s vegan friendly. This product only has 2 natural ingredients in it and nothing else!

We have searched and sourced the finest quality, food grade, virgin oil which has been organically grown and harvested in Canada and we have mixed this high grade potent oil with fresh skin quenching Aloe Vera juice.

This oil remover not only removes makeup and dirt but cleans deep down in your pours.

My Verdict:

I’ve been using this product each night to remove my makeup for over a week. I decided to purchase some reusable face pads to use with this remover. You can tell that Roxanne and her company are passionate about about being eco friendly as she suggests using biodegradable or reusable wipes in order to be kinder to the environment.

As you can see from the photo of the glass bottle, the oil and the Aloe Vera is separated when left. Before each use you need to shake well so the ingredients mix together and after each use they become unsettled again.

I love this product, I love the feel of the oil on my skin. I was amazed at how well my makeup came off with just a few sprays of the oil! Check out the results below, I’ve taken some photos of my face pads. It’s great on eye make up too, it easily comes off.

Once you’ve removed your makeup there’s no need to rinse off your skin as the oil soaks right into your skin. My skin feels clean and moisturised afterwards.

I would definitely recommend this product as a fantastic natural makeup remover. You can check out this product and the other products they sell on their website, they even offer free delivery! I’m really interested in their body butters and scrubs, I think I’ll have to treat myself.

Check out their Facebook page too!

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