Flip Out Manchester

Out and About Mummy visits Flip Out Manchester.

Me and my family were extremely lucky to visit the brand new trampoline park near SportyCity this week. Flip Out Manchester has only just opened and we couldn’t wait to check it out.

We have been to trampoline parks in the past, but none like this! As we first entered, my 5 year old son and 8 year old nephew said WOW, the room is huge and it does have a wow feel, especially with the dim neon lights. It was fantastic and really accommodating for the little ones too!

As well as the trampoline park, they have a toddler soft play, which was fab for my two. This was brilliant as it gave them the opportunity to take a break in a safe and fun environment and mummy could enjoy a brew in peace!

In addition to the trampolines, there was so much more including a Laser Run, a Ninja Obstacle Course, (both were a huge hit with my eldest and nephew) Dodgeball Court, Stunt Boxes and lots more to explore.

Me and my husband went head to head (probably a little too competitive) and had a go on the Cyber Towers. It was a race to the top through a maze, we had to watch out for the balls and make sure we pressed the buttons and get back to the bottom first.

We really did have a fab morning and will definitely be back. My son can’t wait to take on the Laser Run once again!

Check out Flip Out Manchester for yourself!

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