NEW Kangaroo Beach Comes To Nick Jr


We were offered a sneak peek of a brand new animated show and the kids couldn’t have been more excited!

Kangaroo Beach is a ‘surf-safety series for preschoolers and their families, produced by Cheeky Little Media and created by Tim Bain. Tim has also written for PJ Masks, Go Jetters and Fireman Sam to name a few, he realised the potential for kids television to offer inspiring safety messages.

Kangaroo Beach is about four young animal friends who spend their action-packed summer at the spectacular Kangaroo Beach where they’re training as junior cadets with their lifeguard heroes. The cadets need to step up to keep the water safe when an emergency breaks out! Not only will kids love the funny characters, they will enjoy exploring the wonders of water play.

The show also promotes an essential message about water safety in every episode. I love that the water safety advice comes from water safety professionals and is accredited by the Swimming Teachers Association, the UK’s reputable water safety charity.

The purpose of the show is to inspire swimmers to think first before they jump into water but also once they are safely in water- to have the time of their lives!

Let’s Meet The Characters:

Pounce is an energetic kangaroo, who often leaps in without thinking! He can’t wait to be a fully fledged lifeguard one day! He’s super brave and is great in an emergency.

Frizzy is a dramatic koala, who is like the class clown! She is a fabulous force of seaside entertainment.

Neville is a hairy nosed wombat who des’t like to get sweaty! He’s a little watery wary but such a loyal supportive friend.

Gemma is a platypus and is usually diving down deep to study marine life. She’s bright, geeky and logical.

You can watch Kangaroo Beach on Nick Jr from July 26th July every weekday at 9.30am. There is 26 episodes in the first series and you can watch a trailer over on their YouTube channel now.

What We Thought:

We had a sneak preview of two episodes and my kids loved it. I love how the show promotes such an important message about being safe around water, especially at this time of year. As the warmer weather comes, a lot of families head to outdoor pools or the beach. There is also such lovely positive themes of friendship and fun throughout the episodes.

Oscar loved the colourful show right from the start and told me straight away that his favourite character was Pounce, the kangaroo, probably as he’s a wanna-be hero. I like that the episodes are quite short, every episode is around 11 minutes- perfect for whilst I’m making breakfast etc.

I’m sure this will be the best show to be watching this summer, perfect timing for the summer holidays! Not only did the kids find the episodes lots of fun, the characters were so cute and funny.

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