Yellow is the Colour of Sunshine: Review

Yoshi and Hani are as different as chalk is to cheese: One big, one small, one noisy, one quiet. Side by side they play by the blue sea, run through the green fields and dance in the yellow sunshine. But as the sky turns grey and everything starts to change…… Will the sun ever come out again?

Yellow is the Colour of Sunshine is a unique and contemporary play aimed at children aged 3 onwards and their families. It’s a fresh new play about making friends and how friendships aren’t always easy.

Over the weekend we headed to the Waterside Arts Plaza to see the show. All the children were invited to sit on the floor right in front of the stage, it was a relaxed and informal theatre space. Before the show began, the performers danced around the audience welcoming us.

The stage was very simple, just a box, a teepee and a wooden shape, there was also a large blue backdrop and a large yellow sun. It was simple but very bright and effective.

The story of Hani (played by Phoebe Stapleton) and Yoshi (Connor Bryson) was portrayed by three performers using words, dance and British Sign Language (BSL). The play shows how easily some BSL can creativity be incorporated into a children’s show, simple enough for my three year old twins to understand.

Holly Irving transforms and switches beautifully between several roles, playing the sky, the kite and even a magpie, creating an exciting and vibrant sensory experience for the children. She moves effortlessly around the stage.

Yellow is the Colour of Sunshine looks at how we deal with emotions. The show is designed to make children think about their own emotions and about others may be thinking. Throughout the play, the music, the lightening and the movement of the performers changed depending on the characters moods.

I particularly enjoyed the use of paper dropped by the magpies that cleverly transformed into butterflies and the use of sequin gloves that made a spectacular fireworks display.

It was a lovely show which all three of my children found engaging and kept their attention throughout.

My family and I were kindly gifted our tickets in return for an honest review. All opinions are our own.

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