German Doner Kebab Comes To Stockport

Review Post.

Earlier this month German Doner Kebab opened in Stockport and I was lucky enough to be asked try it out this weekend.

A bit of background– ‘Doner Kebab’ is a fast food retailer that has created a heathly and nutritionally balanced approach to the traditional kebab. ‘Kebabs. Done Right. They use premium lean meats, served in handmade toasted breads with signature sauces.

A kebab isn’t something I would usually order from a takeaway. If I think about a kebab, it would be something I had after a night of drinking when at university. We would pick the kebab up late at night (usually early in the morning) and it rarely got eaten. But German Doner Kebab was certainly a different experience.

After being contacted about a new restaurant opening, I jumped at the chance to try it out. I love my food and like trying new things so I’ve been looking forward to this!

The Stockport store opened last week for takeaway and soon for dining in.

I decided to try The Original Doner Kebab. The menu says it’s their trademark kebab sandwich and a must try! You have a choice of Doner meats (I chose beef) and it comes with lettuce, tomato, onion, red cabbage and 3 signature sauces. All served on handmade toasted bread. I couldn’t help but order some feta as an extra topping!

My husband decided on the Doner Burger. Again your choice of Doner meats, fresh iceberg lettuce, tomato, onion, dill pickle, original burger sauce served in a brioche bun.

Both meals came with fries. I couldn’t resist a side order of the Chilli Cheese Bites! Melted cheese and jalapeños in a crunchy coating! Can you tell I love cheese?

Friday night when my husband went to collect our food it was busy, really busy. I suppose this is to be expected, it’s a brand new store plus with current restrictions no one can eat in restaurants and everyone wants takeaway. They were running about 30 minutes late.

I was really impressed when our food came, especially with my kebab, it looked fantastic! The Chilli Cheese Bites were even nicer than I was expecting and I’d certainly be ordering them again. My husband unfortunately had food envy after seeing my kebab, I did share so he can’t complain too much! He enjoyed his burger but said he’d definitely order what I had next time.

The Original Doner Kebab is certainly a must try. It was delicious, I loved all three signature sauces that were on there, especially the spicy one. The toasted bread was amazing.

All the food we tried was tasty, the fries were good too. None of the food reminded me of a traditional ‘kebab’, it was all very fresh. We’d definitely order from here again, there’s even a store closer to us in Oldham town centre.

I was asked for an honest review in return for a meal.

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