Annabel Karmel Cook Book Review

The UK’s number 1 children’s cookery author, Annabel Karmel has just brought out a brand new book full of never before seen delicious recipes for toddlers and up. Real Food Kids Will Love has over 100 simple and tasty recipes!

I’m a big fan of her cook books, using her baby meal planners when I was weaning, so I was really excited to receive a copy of her new book and I couldn’t wait to get cooking.

Me and my son had a look through it when we first received the book. He loves the idea of the Mini Toad in the Hole! I’ve promised to make it him soon. I also love the look of the Healthy ‘Fast’ Food section, looks great for fussy eaters and my 5 year old is the fussiest!

I settled on a recipe I thought my family would love; ‘Cauliflower, Ham and Macaroni Cheese Bake’. All three of mine love pasta and cheese so I thought it would be a perfect one to try. Also, cauliflower is a veg I would struggle to get my kids to try especially Joshua, he is extremely fussy with vegetables at the moment.

Once Joshua came home from school, I started to get everything ready to cook. I measured out the ingredients, I even had a little helping hand!

Most of the ingredients I already had in which was fab, I only needed a couple of things from the shop that I picked up earlier in the day. I read through what to do and it seemed nice and simple, a quick dish for an after school healthy meal. Whilst the pasta was cooking and the cauliflower was steaming, Joshua asked to help which I thought was great! He helped to make the cheese sauce.

Once the sauce was smooth and thickened, we mixed it all in together and placed it in an oven proof dish, before putting some grated cheese on top and placed it in the oven for 20 minutes. Just enough time to round up the kids, get them cleaned up and sat at the table.

20 minutes later the cheese had browned and the kids were hungry!

It smelt delicious! The thing about a pasta bake, it comes out of the oven so hot, it was bubbling! So the kids all sat blowing their food for a while.

This meal definitely went down a treat! No one moaned about tasting cauliflower in the meal, it was empty plates all round. This will definitely be a dish I make again, I would recommend it to any pasta and cheese loving family!

Another thing we loved about this book, was the fruit and veg rewards chart at the back of the book! Joshua loves the idea of trying a new piece of fruit or veg a week and collection stickers. He’s just deciding what his prize will be him he collects enough stickers!

Real Food Kids Will Love is on sale now! For more information visit here. Out and About Mummy was gifted this book and asked to check out a meal, all views expressed are my own.

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