The Lovely Bones – Review

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I’ve read the book and seen the film so I couldn’t wait to see The Lovely Bones live on stage at The Lowry Theatre Manchester. I was invited to the press night performance and headed there with my dad. I remember us both reading the book some time ago and discussing how the film was nowhere as good as the book.

CREDIT: Shelia Burnett

Author Alice Sebold wrote The Lovely Bones in 2002, this bestseller later in 2009 was turned into a film. The story starts with Salmon, Susie Salmon, just a normal 14 year old girl in Pennsylvania in 1973. The only thing is, she’s in heaven, she was raped and murdered and now watches her family try to move on from her death from heaven.

This story is one of loss, love and coming-of-age. The stage show definitely didn’t disappoint! Back in 2002 when I first read about Susie, she captured my heart. Seeing this live show brought all the feeling back, I fell in love with Susie and her family all over again.

Visually the show was spectacular! Against the back wall of the stage was a huge mirror that was angled towards the floor. In a genius way, mirrors and lights were used to tell the story. Actors were seen behind the mirror, moving in slow motion. The clever way heaven and earth was portrayed added to the excitement. There is the use of strobe lightening throughout so do be warned, this definitely adds to the suspense!

Even though the tale is quite dark at times especially when Susie talks about her rape and murder, her character brings an element of fun to the show, whilst in heaven she listened to loud 70’s music and even imagined dogs running wild and playing fetch.

I can’t fault the acting, the cast of 13 actors all gave a 5 star performance. Charlotte Beaumont gave the perfect portrayal as Susie, she was absolutely captivating. Each actor brought something unique to the whole performance.

The Lovely Bones is emotional, dark, uplifting and heart-warming all at once. This creative theatrical adaptation of Alice Sebolds bestseller certainly does it justice. See it now at The Lowry Manchester, it’s on until Saturday 19th October 2019.

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