OKIDO Which Way? Coding board-game for the early years

Over the last couple of days me and Joshua have been testing out the coding board-game, OKIDO. We have kindly been gifted the board-game to play in return of an honest review and we couldn’t wait to get started!

OKIDO (as seen on CBeebies) is recommended for ages 4-8 so it was perfect for my eldest who was 7 in July.

We love playing games in our house! Joshua also loves using the coding robots at our local library, so a board-game incorporating coding sounds great.

‘Coding’ can improve future academic performance and build a child’s soft skills. This coding board-game aids cognitive thinking, problem solving and STEM learning. I love toys and games that help make learning fun.

The game was quick and easy to set up, which simple instructions on the side of the box and in the small leaflet included. The ‘magic self-driving car’ came with batteries which I thought was brilliant, it is so annoying when you open a new toy and then need to hunt for batteries before you can play.

What I also thought was fab is there was even replacement batteries included too and a mini screwdriver! How good is that?

We picked up how the play the game really quickly and Joshua seemed to have lots of fun. Me and Joshua took turn to pick up the magnetic road tiles. Joshua sounds the wheel to decided which challenge we would play. The aim of the game is to work out a route for the magic self-driving car to its destinations.

Next Joshua used his finger to figure out the best route, essentially he was ‘defining the problem’. Together we planned the route with the tiles before switching on the magic car and testing his solutions.

Joshua’s face lit up when the car moved across the board, following the route we designed. To him we were just playing a board-game, but little did he realise he was learning. He was improving skills he already has, developing new ones, planning solutions and coding a program.

There’s even a QR code on the side of the box giving us the chance to discover more games!

I’m going to test the game out with my twins, they’re 3 but I think they will enjoy it too.

This game is priced at £30 and can be purchased from the OKIDO website.

We were gifted this game in return for an honest review.

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