The smash-hit production of Annie has come to Manchester and is showing now at the Opera House until Saturday 16th February. Me and Joshua were invited to press night and we were so excited.

Annie has always been a favourite of mine, although I’ve never seen it on stage just the film. It’s a film I loved as a child and now Joshua loves the film too (the original). He knows all the songs and we love to watch it together.

Everyone knows the story of Annie, the plucky red headed orphan, played by Taziva-Faye Katsande! As the lights went down  at the Opera House, we were taken back in time to 1930s New York, to an orphanage. From the opening scenes and the songs ‘Maybe’, ‘Hard Knock Life’ and ‘Tomorrow’ , the audience knew we were in for a real treat. The children were absolutley amazing, full of energy and had plenty of attitude. They gave a flawless performance from beginning to end, their young ages taking nothing away from the standard they gave.

Taziva-Faye Katsande gave an amazing performance, her stage presence is fantastic especially for someone so young.

The ophanage is ran by  Miss Hannigan portrayed brilliantly by EastEnders star Anita Dobson. Her perfomance as the mean and drunk Miss Hannigan had the audience is hysterics throughout, my son thought she was great.

In a whirlwind of events, Annie’s life is quickly changed as she is picked to go and live with billionaire Oliver Warbucks (played by Alex Bourne) for a few weeks. Alex Bourne gives a superb perfomance as Oliver Warbucks.The audience instantly warmed to him as he warmed to little Annie.  Grace Farrell (Carolyn Maitland), Oliver Warbucks secretary blows the audience away with her amazing voice!

As Annie and Oliver Warbucks become closer, she admits that she dreams of finding her real parents one day. After promising to find them, Oliver offers $50,000 if her parents come foward! Enter Rooster (Richard Meek) and Lily (Jenny Gayner) who plot a scam to get the money. ‘Easy Street’ with Miss Hannigan, Rooster and Lily was one of my favourite scenes of the show. The singing and the dancing was spot on, it was also very funny to watch too.

For those who know the story of Annie, it all works out in the end. The scene ‘I Don’t Need Anything But You’ is a delight to watch, as the stage is full. There’s plenty of singing and dancing, it’s a real uplifting performance.

Another favourite scene of mine was a song I didn’t know as it’s not in the film. ‘Hooverville’ sang by the homeless people in New York was a spectular number! The choreography was amazing. In fact, the choreographery throughout the entire musical was phenomenal. I was in owe when watching the dancers.

Annie is on now until Saturday 16th Feb at the Manchester Opera House, you can book tickets now. Catch it while you can, I bet your bottom dollar you’ll love it!

Joshua said it was the best show he’s ever seen!

4 thoughts on “Annie

  1. We recently watched the original Annie film (as I hadn’t seen the old or newer versions!) and both Luke and I loved it. This show sounds amazing, the choreography in theatre shows always blows my mind!


  2. Oh it looks and sounds absolutely amazing! Liv will be jealous, she loves Annie, even playing the character in her drama group production! I haven’t been to the Opera House in many years, I need to make up for that! Sim x


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