Unbox Magic with Harry Potter Magical Capsules

You will probably know that I have a Harry Potter super-fan at home! So it’s no surprise that I jumped at the chance to check out the latest Harry Potter toy from KapToys.

The brand new Harry Potter Magical Capsules allows you to unbox and collect the enchanting creatures and wizards of the Wizarding World, no Harry Potter fan could resist!

Follow the clues, use your spells and you will find enchanted creatures and wizards within.

Joshua was extremely excited when he saw the bronze Hogwarts crest and he didn’t delay in getting it open. He soon realised there was three compartments full of magical surprises, 7 surprises actually! There’s also a collectors card inside, perfect to see what you’ve collected.

Each capsule contains an iconic Harry Potter character and Joshua got Ron, which he was very pleased with. He also unwrapped Ron’s magic wand and Scabbers, his rat!

As you start unboxing, Joshua figured out that he needed magic to unlock some of the surprises! Whether it was with water or heat, he was very impressed!

Using water (we guessed we needed water by the droplet sign) Joshua revealed the ‘Wingardium Leviosa’ spell. With our magical thumb print, we also revealed which Hogwarts house Ron belonged too. Brilliant!

We thought these magical capsules were brilliant and at RRP of £9.99 we were very impressed. Joshua has asked for some for his birthday, which is at the end of this month. From mid-July, these Magical Capsules will be available from all major toy stores and Tesco.

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