Matilda The Musical

The Royal Shakespeare Company has brought Matilda the Musical to Manchester and it’s one show your not gonna want to miss.

The show, that’s on in Manchester now until November 24th premiered in 2010 and has been loved by audiences all over the world!

After a pizza treat, me and my eldest headed to the Palace Theatre. We both love the film and have heard fantastic things about the show so it was safe to say our expectations were high!

Matilda The Musical is inspired after the much loved children’s book by Roald Dahl. It follows the life of the unloved little girl Matilda. Finding her way through life with her head in a book, she plays several pranks on her cruel parents before realising her true potential.

The little girl who played Matilda, Sophie Ally, absolutely blew me away! She was on stage for most scenes, barely getting a break. The standard of acting and singing was high but wow was she amazing! The quality of her performance was fantastic and she made the show for me. There is 4 girls playing Matilda over the next 11 weeks.

The whole cast were brilliant but special mention must go out to the younger children. Even though they were only young, the standard and quality of their performances was no less. You could tell each and every one of them loved what they were doing and they put their heart and soul into the show.

Craige Els, who plays the furious tyrant headmistress Miss Trunchbull gave a brilliant performance. ‘She’ was definitely the character you love to hate and some of her scenes were hilarious and genius!

There was moments of ‘magic’ leaving the audience amazed, my son is still asking have several ‘tricks’ were performed and I’m not too sure how they were done either!
I instantly fell in love with the music and original songs which were written by Tim Minchin. Throughout the whole show there was fantastic choreography to enjoy, including routines with swings and even a trampoline!

I asked Joshua what were his favourite parts of the show, here’s a few of his thoughts……..

‘I loved at the end where everyone came on stage on scooters! Even the grown-ups!’

‘The boy (Bruce) eating the massive cake was so funny!’

Me and Joshua love them film but we’re yet to read the book. After seeing the musical on stage, we’re desperate to get the book and read it together!

You can get tickets to see Matilda The Musical at the Palace Manchester now! See here for tickets and more information. The recommended age for this show is 6+.

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