Stikets Iron-On Labels

OK, so here’s my mum confession, I can’t sew! I mean it, I can’t sew at all, I can’t even sew a button back on a shirt!

This year when sorting out my son’s uniform, I just wrote his name on the tag (hoping it won’t wash off too quickly) as I never got round to asking someone else to sew tags on for me!

When I heard about Stikets iron-on labels, I didn’t believe they could be as good as they say they were. I wanted to put them to the test, Stikets sent me a Basic Pack to try out in exchange for an honest review.

Stikets were created by mum Stephanie, who was fed up of her children losing things. Stikets offer parents a practical and effective solution to labelling clothes and items such as the school uniform!

I ordered the pack online and personalised the labels choosing colour, wording and even a picture. You can find out more about the Basic Pack here.

The pack came 3 days after I ordered it online. The pack looked great, all to a high standard.

There was a card filled with easy to follow instructions, there was even a link to watch a ‘how to’ video online! But the instructions were simple enough to simple, much easier than anything I’ve tried before!

Making sure the garment was clean and dry, I placed a Stiket iron-on label where I wanted it, covered it with the parchment paper that was provided and held on the iron for around 10 seconds. It couldn’t have been easier!

Just look how fab the labels look on my sons uniform……

We also used some of the other labels including the shoe labels and the luggage labels for his school book bag.

I was definitely surprised at how it easy they were to iron-on and how great they looked once they were on. I would recommend them to everyone who were wanting some labels and I’ll definitely be using Stikets again in the future.

2 thoughts on “Stikets Iron-On Labels

  1. These sound so much better than the Petit Ferdinand ones I got! Those ones swore there was no ironing involved, they fell off after the first wash, so frustrating! Off to order these 👍


  2. I can’t sew either – I’m hopeless. I have always used iron-on labels … until I discovered stick-on labels last year, and I use these now (means I don’t even have to set up the iron 🤣)

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