The Snowman Tour 2019

This week we took a trip to Liverpool Cathedral to catch the magical Snowman Tour this Christmas.

What a fantastic venue it was! Liverpool Cathedral had a wonderful atmosphere and was very Christmassy.

In previous years, The Snowman Tour has staged over 200 performances across the UK with some of the top musicians and orchestras. We were very excited!

We took our seats (and what fabulous seats we had) and we watched the musicians get ready and set up. My children thought it was great how all the musicians dressed up, we had elves and Mrs Claus, there was even a carrot!

The concert was in two 30 minute parts with a short interval in between. We were firstly treated a wonderful Christmas medley before the conductor introduced each instrument in a very light-hearted way which my eldest loved. Then we listened to the story, ‘A Donkeys Tale’. We loved the animation and of course the original music, it was great for all ages.

After the interval (where we enjoyed mulled wine and a mince pie) it was time to watch classic animated film The Snowman, accompanied by the live orchestra. It was truly magical and my three children were in awe! We’ve seen The Snowman many times on the TV many times but there’s something totally stunning about a live orchestra.

You can keep up to date for future 2020 tour dates to make next Christmas extra special by visiting the Carrot Productions website and join their malling list.

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