Dino Disco Adventure Challenge

Me and my family were invited to take part in the Dino Disco Adventure Challenge and we had a brilliant time.

The event is aimed at children aged between 2-8 who are full of energy and imagination. Oh and who love dinosaurs obviously!

In the Great Northern Warehouse, Manchester, we were greeted by Rangers Don and Ron. The children were taught how to be dinosaur rangers too and even learnt how to walk like a dinosaur!

The children then had to complete a series of challenges as they were now real dinosaur rangers! Although first of all we had to meet the friendliest dinosaur ever, Greg! Greg loved to dance and the kids loved him too.

The first challenge was great for any puzzle loving kids. Each child were given a bag of dinosaur fossils that needed putting back together! We worked as a family and managed to make a dinosaur!

The other challenges included an egg and spoon type race where we had to get the dinosaur eggs into the nest, watching we didn’t drop them of course.

Another challenge was a game where we had to catch dinosaurs with giant hoops. It was lots of fun, super fast and energetic. My eldest son was quite competitive with his daddy whilst the younger two loved to play with the hoops and the dinosaurs.

It was a morning full of imagination, creative fun and the best part was it was nothing like anything we’d ever done before. It’s always great to do something new and the kids loved it. The kids were active for the hour, which is also a bonus!

For more information about the event, visit the Wonder Adventures website. The Dino Disco Adventure Challenge is also in Manchester tomorrow also, so get your tickets now.

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