Legally Blonde The Musical

Oh My God You Guys! I went to see Legally Blonde The Musical at the Palace Theatre Manchester and WOW, what a show!

The hit chic flick turned musical is back in Manchester for one week only and we couldn’t have been more excited!

The musical, like the film follows Elle Woods, a blonde, seemingly air head decides to get serious when she doesn’t get the proposal she was expecting from Warner Huntington III, her high school boyfriend. Whilst trying to win back her man at Harvard, she realises her own potential and soon starts to win way much more.

This musical had everything, brilliant set designs, fabulous costumes and superb choreographed dance routines. I loved all the songs, the music and lyrics were spot on, the audience were in fits of laughter throughout the show.

The set was bright, sparkly and very clever just like Elle! The cast were fantastic, the audience immediately fell in love with Elle, played by X Factor contestant and last years UK Eurovision contender Lucie Jones.

The dogs on stage definitely stole the show for a lot of the audience! Bruiser, Elle’s chihuahua had the cute factor and was great on stage.

Elle’s friend Paulette Bonafonte played by Rita Simons (Roxy Mitchelle from Easterenders) was definitely one of my favouite characters. She was warm and kind but also hilarious and had some of the best lines and songs. Another famous face was the actor who played Professor Callahan, Bill Ward who is probably best known as the rather nasty builder Charlie Stubbs from Coronation Street. He portrayed the professor really well.

Some of my favouite scenes and songs from the show would have to be ‘Bend and Snap’ also ‘There! Right! There!’, which was absolutely hilarious! The lyrics and dancing was amazingly funny.

Legally Blonde The Musical is on at The Palace Manchester until Saturday 30th June, details can be found here.

3 thoughts on “Legally Blonde The Musical

  1. Oh I love, love, LOVE this musical!! I went to see it in London years ago with Sheridan Smith and Jill Halfpenny. Highly recommend, your description brought it all back! *dashes off to find the soundtrack*

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