Thriller Live Manchester

Thriller Live is in it’s record breaking 11th year and it’s easy to see why! Celebrating the songs of Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5, it’s a 2 hour non-stop party of back to back hits from the ultimate King of Pop!

Thriller Live has been seen by over 5 million people in over 30 countries and it’s still wowing audiences and moonwalking into theatres worldwide today!

Last night Thriller Live opened in Manchester at the Palace Theatre and is here until Saturday 15th February. I wouldn’t have classed myself as a massive Michael Jackson fan, I obviously know and like lots of his music (as does everyone) and certainly had my favourites…… but last night I knew every song and have had his songs playing via Spotify since…..

I loved it!

It’s not a musical and there’s no story really. It’s essentially the closest thing you could get to a live Michael Jackson concert. It starts in the early days with the Jackson 5 and moves through the albums. There’s a fabulous live band on stage who play non-stop, there’s some absolutely outstanding dancers and 5 very different and diverse headlining singers who are all Michael Jackson in their own way.

I loved how all the singers had some different to bring and each put their own personality into their singing, but ultimately they all were ‘Michael’!

David Julian

David Julian, the Manchester singer from The Voice starred as a lead vocal and gave a very impressive solo of ‘She’s Out Of My Life’. My favourite (and I could have watched an entire show of just him) was Kieran Alleyne (X Factor). His presence on stage was phenomenal and his Michael Jackson moves were out of this word. He certainly stole the show for me!

This show is jam packed with hits, some of my favourite numbers had to be Dangerous, Thriller and Smooth Criminal (pretty much any headlined by Kieran Alleyne), Beat It with David Julian and the Earth Song which include the entire cast.

The lighting on stage throughout the show certainly added to the experience, as did the set and costumes. The energy throughout was extremely high and you could feel it from our seats!

Whether your a massive MJ fan or not, it’s worth going to listen to the big hits and to see Kieran Alleyne’s very impressive moonwalk! Thriller Live is showing now at the Palace Theatre Manchester until Saturday 15th February.

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