Rocky Horror Show – Manchester Review

Back in 2019 I was lucky enough to see Rocky Horror Show live on stage in Manchester and I loved it! Obviously I was going to go again when I got the chance!

My sister-in-law and I arrived at the Palace Theatre last night which was full of energy and the buzz even before the show started was fantastic!

This legendary cult rock ‘n’ roll musical has been seen all over the world by millions. For those who don’t know the story, we follow Brad and Janet who just after getting engaged, get into a little car trouble. They spot a light over at the Frankenstein place and before they know it they’re mixed up in something much more than the time warp! That doesn’t make much sense I hear you cry? Well, does any of the Rocky Horror Show actually make any sense anyway? But we still love it!

The theatre was packed and it was amazing to see some of the mega fans, some of the costumes worn by the audience were brilliant!

The curtain went up and from the second it started to the very end, the entire audience loved it all.  Suzie McAdam introduced the show as the Usherette and wow what a voice! She also played Magenta.

Philip Franks has the part of the narrator and he was so witty and funny. I loved how he was so ready with plenty of come-backs from the hecklers in the Manchester audience! My sister-in-law was pretty new to Rocky Horror live and wasn’t sure what was happening to begin with!

From the minute we met Brad and Janet played by BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, Ore Oduba and Haley Flaherty, we instantly fell in love with the characters.  As a big fan of the film, I was worried the characters may not match up to the original film but I was so wrong! The entire cast was amazing and totally spot on. Haley Flaherty had an absolutely amazing voice!

Within the first few songs of Act 1, we were all up from our seats doing the Time Warp! It was spectacular to be a part of, such an amazing experience

We met the other characters who were portrayed exactly how I imagine them to be. Riff Raff (Kristian Lavercombe), Magenta (Suzie McAdam), Columbia (Lauren Ingram) and Eddie (Joe Allen) all give outstanding performances.  One of my favourite parts in the show was when the majority of the cast perform the song ‘Eddie’ and the surrounding scenes.

Stephen Webb returns to play Frank N Furter and I was over the moon. He was fantastic when I saw in back in 2019. He definitely made an impressive entrance. Everything about him was fantastic. He owns the stage as he struts his stuff and together with the whole cast, it’s fabulous. The energy from the stage is electric, you can tell they love it just as much as those watching.

Ben Westhead played Rocky, the man that Frank made! The audience ‘ooooh’ and ‘ahhh’ when he was on stage! He showed off his impressive gymnastic skills and rarely wore much more than tiny pants.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show ©The Other Richard

There was fantastic scenery and clever set designs too. From the costumes to the backgrounds I can’t fault it!

It’s fun, a bit naughty, it’s mad, it’s loud, it’s brilliant!

As you can tell I LOVED it! The Rocky Horror Show is showing now until January 22nd and I really want to see it again! You can get tickets here.

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