Milkshake Live At The Lowry

We went to The Lowry Theatre over the weekend to see the show Milkshake Live. Did you know that there is loads of great family friendly shows on at The Lowry over the summer holidays? I can’t wait to see What The Lady Bird Heard and if your little ones are a fan of Little Baby Bum, check out our competition now! Click here to see whats on over the summer.

The kids were very excited about seeing Milkshake Live from the second we entered The Lowry. There was lots of excited younger children, with flashing lights!

The show was set amongst the Milkskake Magical Bookcase, where presenters Derek and Olivia decided to help Milkshake Monkey to fulfill his dream of becoming a real life Prince! Throughout the show, we visited many fairy tales from The Three Little Pigs to Cinderella and met lots of our favourite Milkshake characters on the way including Fireman Sam, Bob the Builder, the Little Princess and Pip.

There was lots of singing and dancing and plenty of audience participation. Joshua is almost 6 years old but he loved the show. He enjoyed booing at the villain and clapping along. Oscar on the other hand just stared at the stage for the entire show. He wouldn’t join in with the dancing or actions but he was totally transfixed!

Isla on the other hand had a ball! She was singing and dancing, clapping and waving. Her favourite characters were definitely Shimmer and Shine, she got very excited in her seat, shouting after the characters.


We had a fantastic time and can’t wait to visit again soon!

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