Coral Island Blackpool

We were recently invited for a family day out at Coral Island Blackpool.We love visiting Blackpool, we’ll be back soon for the Illuminations. Coral Island is Blackpool’s largest indoor free admission family attraction that is located on the seafront close to Blackpool Tower.

No trip to the seaside is complete without a trip to the amusement arcades to play on the 2p machines. What we realised when we got to Coral Island is how big the place was! It’s huge, and so clean! We were also surprised at how many different machines and games were there, not to mention the rides!

We started off with collecting some change and the kids received a complementary loot bag full of goodies. We headed to the 2p machines, the kids love them. Like many amusement arcades, lots of the machines give out tickets, tickets make prizes, so my three were very excited to collect lots of tickets.

After this we decided to take a proper look around and checked out the whole place. We noticed there was several places to eat, an area for over 18’s only, a monorail type ride called the Pirate Flyer, a Ghost Train, Bingo, Camel Derby and a VR ride.

There was a large variation of games and machines from the traditional to the modern including 2p machines, dance mats, Guitar Hero, children ride-on toys, ‘grabber’ machines where you pick up teddies and so much more. I loved that the teddy grabber machines were only 30p a go! I find in other places there as expensive as £1.50 a go so I was pleasantly surprised and my three had several go’s.

Pirate Flyer

This ride was £1 a go and the kids loved it! Just like a monorail, it went round the entire place high above the people and machines below. Just like the rest of Coral Island, it was pirate themed and the track went through caves and tunnels full of treasure.

Ghost Train

My younger two decided they were too scared of the ghost train before we even went near it (they’re only 3 years-old), so my eldest and daddy headed on by themselves. Daddy said it wasn’t scary and was more funny, Joshua (aged 7) said it was scary and it made him jump. It was a traditional ghost train where you follow a track in the dark waiting for things to jump out at you! This again was £1 a go.

Prize Bingo

I love a game of bingo and Prize Bingo at Coral Island was lots of fun! It was so fast paced, you play on touch screens and it was really simple to pick up. We had a few games and had lots of fun, we didn’t win anything unfortunately, I don’t think I was quick enough!

VR Game

The VR game was super fun, we actually loved watching other people playing it too as their reactions were so funny. At £3 a go I thought it was well worth the money. You pop on the VR goggles before setting off on a virtual adventure. Whilst we were there a grandma and her grandson were so loud and enjoying the VR experience that they attracted quite a crowd!

Camel Derby

I love Camel Derby, in fact it was my favourite game that we played that day! If you don’t know what camel derby is, you sit in front of a racetrack and roll balls up a ramp trying to get them in the holes. Certain holes makes your camel do faster! We had so much fun and my three were lucky enough to win a prize.

The Buccaneer

At lunch time we went to eat at The Buccaneer family bar and restaurant located inside Coral Island. Designed to look like a pirate ship, the restaurant is decorated top to toe in pirate treasure! We were welcomed and shown to our seats by a friendly pirate member of staff. Everyday, all day kids eat free including Sunday carvery which is brilliant news! We decided what we watched and we order at the bar. The food came quickly and I was surprised at the portion sizes!

Me and my husband had a gorgeous mushroom starter each, I had the rump steak for my mains which was delicious! The kids all enjoyed icecream for desert, we were too full for anything else. We really enjoyed our meals and we’d definitely go back! There’s several places to eat in Coral Island including Fish and Chips, Captain Jacks and Peggy’s Snack Bar which all offer the Kids Eat Free offer!

In what felt like a blink it was time to go home (we arrived about 10 and decided to head home just before 5!) We collected our tickets and took them to the ‘Ticket Eating’ machines. Lots of people had the same idea but luckily the queues went down quickly due to the amount of machines, there was so many of them. You are able to change your tickets that you’ve won from the arcades and games into a receipt that you take to the prize shop.

Prize Shop

Well my three were very excited! There’s lots and lots of prizes to choose from, obviously the bigger and more expensive prizes for people with the most tickets. There was everything and anything you could imagine from bouncy balls and dolls to an Amazon Alexa and remote control cars! My three chose several toys each and were over the moon with their prizes.

We had an fantastic family day out and we’ll definitely be visiting again soon. Check out more of my photos below.

This was a sponsored post, we were gifted a family day out and our lunch in order for our honest review.

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