Gangsta Granny

My family and I headed excitedly to Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens over the weekend to see David Walliams Gangsta Granny, adapted by David Kerby Kendall.

I have luckily been asked to work with Heartbreak Productions again this year and after the amazing time we had last year, we were all so excited. The outdoor performances we saw last year were definitely the highlight of our summer. Enjoying the summer sunshine, our yummy picnic and some very talented actors created some very happy memories for me and my family.

Joshua, my eldest is a big David Walliams fan and of course has read the book. After seeing The Midnight Gang a Fletcher Moss last year, he fell in love and quickly read several of his books including Gangsta Granny.

We arrived at Fletcher Moss nice and early, wanted to enjoy the summers day. Just like all the performances last year, we were incredibly lucky with the weather as the sun was shinning throughout the performance.

We sat down with our picnic and even before the show starts the friendly cast walk around the crowd to introduce themselves. The kids loved it, not only did it stop them getting bored before the show starts, but they had lots of fun dancing and chatting to the characters.

The show was absolutely fantastic, it was super funny and silly just like in the book. It was great for the whole family, the little ones were all laughing at the bum jokes and of course granny’s cabbage smelling farts!

It’s a lovely tale about a granny and a little boy that realised just how much fun his granny can be!

The outdoor performance is fast paced with a small cast where most actors play more than one character, which I felt definitely adds to the comedy. There’s quick costume change and very inventive uses of items to create scenery.

My family and I had a wonderful afternoon in the park, I can’t wait to head back there over the summer month to see more from Heartbreak Production. You can find out what’s on here. You can also read the reviews from last years performances of The Midnight Gang, The Railway Children, Much Ado About Nothing and Pride and Prejudice.

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