Manchester Based Company Cool Pots


It can be difficult finding unique gifts for our friends and family, but Manchester based company Cool Pots are ‘putting faces on plant pots to make their customers smile’.

Cool Pots are a new, funny and unique gift that are perfect for every occasion. These ceramic pots are quick and easy to make- just upload your photos via their website.

I was recently sent this fabulous Happy Family Cool Pot, it has all 5 of our faces on! The kids laughed so much, I love it. It’s perfect on the kitchen window sill.

My daughter loved putting the wild flowers from our walk this afternoon in the pot. I think it looks great.

Cool Pots may be a small company but they keep expanding with more designs, pot sizes and variations.

Show them some support and follow them on Instagram. Shop local and put your face on a plant pot now!

I was gifted this Cool Pot in return of letting you guys know all about the company and what I thought about my pot.

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