Cockfields Farm

The bank holiday weekend we wanted something fun to do, as some of you will know my family likes to be out and about, so we were very excited about being invited to check out Cockfields Farm!

It is literally on our doorstep which is fab! We have been before a while ago, I always hear good things about Cockfields Farm and know that it’s always changing and improving!

As it was bank holiday Monday when we were visiting we arrived for 10am just as it opened. There was a large free car park too. We entered through the main doors and was greeted by a large, colourful and clean entrance. The kids were very excited as from the entrance they could see lots of fun things!

Once we were in and got our animal feed, we decided to head to the main barn first and see some animals. We passed a big timetable of activities so we took a few minutes discussing what we wanted to do!

My youngest two absolutely loved feeding the animals, Isla loved the piglets and Oscar loved the sheep! The piglets were very active, running around, making my two Giggle.

My eldest much preferred the tractors and ran straight to them, remembering them from a previous visit!

He soon jumped off when a lady asked would anyone like to bath a tortoise! We all headed outside to the field, it was such a beautiful day we were all happy to get outside. The kids each took a tooth brush and was told how to clean ‘Percy’ the tortoise. The lady told us all about him and explained to the children where best to stand. My three really enjoyed it, Percy kept making them laugh as he would slowly keep moving about.

As we were outside we decided to explore a little. Joshua, my eldest headed to the giant bouncy pillow that looked lots of fun! Daddy took the twins to have a go on the swings.

Next we headed to the Pets Corner, right in time to cuddle a guinea pig and a rabbit. This was probably the kids favourite part, they were all so gentle and sat very calmly. None of them wanted to leave, stroking each animal in turn.

As we decided to head inside for a drink, I noticed people queuing up near a lady dressed as a fairy! This bank holiday weekend, Cockfields Farm had a special event on. In the Enchanted Stables was a real unicorn! I managed to get inside the stable and have a look around, leaving daddy for 5 minutes with all three kids. My eldest is a typical 5 year old boy and not interested in fairies and unicorns but I thought it was magical! I’m hoping I can come to see the unicorn again with Isla when she’s a little older.

In the first room, the fairy helped all the children build their very own extra special unicorn soft toy. The room was very prettily decorated and the fairy was very welcoming with the children. We then went into the Enchanted Stables next door where we met Buttercup, the beautiful pink unicorn!

We continued back indoors and daddy went to buy us all a drink. Isla played in the role area area, a fab area to play including a shop, a cafe, a police station and even a stage!

The boys found the little cars and the garage and they were very happy!

Daddy came back with a chocolate milkshake for himself and an extra special strawberry unicorn milkshake for me! Check out the photo, finished off with cream and sprinkles in a beautiful glass, which I got to take home! Amazing!

After our break, the kids decided they wanted to head back outside to play in the sand and Joshua really wanted a go in the mud kitchen. On our way outside, a lady asked would we like to feed a goat and obviously my three said yes! They were all very excited and waited patiently for a bottle of milk each. The baby goats were very excited to see the bottles which just made it even more special.

Outside, Oscar and Isla headed to ‘the beach!’ There was plenty of buckets and spades for everyone, which was great and a giant climbing frame!

Me and Joshua decided to go and have a mess in the mud kitchen. In a large field full of dens, tyres, even a bug hotel we found the mud kitchen. Joshua got the pots and pans and started to mix some mud. He added leaves and sticks pretending to cook me up something nice haha!

Joshua reminded me about the ‘what’s on’ list and how he had asked to meet a snake, so we rushed back into the main barn just in time. I can’t say I wanted to meet a snake but I was very impressed with how brave Joshua was. He held a snake and even asked to have a chameleon on his arm afterwards!

Overall we had a fantastic family day out! The Farm is very clean and looked after, food and drink in the cafe seems very reasonable with some great meal deal offers. There’s plenty of activities on throughout the day for children to get involved with. We will definitely be back!

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