New CBeebies Animation: Tinpo

Like most parents, I want my children to have a good balance when it comes to watching TV. We head outdoors as much as we can, spending weekends in parks and day trips, my eldest loves to read and the younger pair love playing with their toys.

But just like most parents, the kids watching TV has it’s advantages and it’s uses, especially when I need 5 minutes to make the tea or clean the kitchen.

My eldest is 6 and the twins are 2 so it can be difficult finding a TV programme that they all agree on. I like them to watch something that’s not only age appropriate for them all, but something that is worth while, good for their imagination and that is fun!

When I asked them to check out a brand new show on CBeebies as part of Mummy’s work, Joshua (my eldest) thought it sounded loads of fun and he couldn’t wait to watch the new show.

Tinpo follows the creative adventures of Tinpo and his team as they help the fellow residents of Tinpotown and is a funny take on classic themes of construction and problem-solving for pre-schoolers.

Our first thought was how colourful the characters and the entire programme was. It captured the attention of my toddlers, and my 6 year old immediately.

In each episode, Tinpo and his team are faced with a problem that needs solving and through trial and error and thinking outside the box, they work together until the job is done! Using comedic trial-and-error, team Tinpo keeps asking “What if we tried this…?” until the job is done. Working together, using their cool and fantastical tools, they design and construct solutions that, while rarely the most practical, are always the most creative and unexpected – putting the “fun” into “function”. ‘

One thing I felt from the show was how it will inspire youngsters: inspire them to be creative, to work as a team and to improve the world around them.

Our verdict of Tinpo: a entertaining and creative show that we really enjoyed, especially when the kids wanted a little downtime usually after the school run. Tinpo is now a show that the kids ask for, it’s really captured their imaginations.

You can watch Tinpo on CBeebies every week day at 6.55am and 3.55pm, with brand new episodes starting Monday 28th January.

Tinpo was produced by Cloudco Entertainment, OLM and Dentsu Japan and written by Davey Moore (Thomas & Friends) and Emma Hogan (creator of Nelly & Nora).


Join in the #Tinpo Twitter Party with @UKMumsTV at 3.30pm on Monday 28th January for a chance to win prizes.

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