My First Crystal Healing Therapy Session

Until now I hadn’t even heard of Crystal Healing Therapy, but when Heather from Crystal Healing Cheshire offered me a one-hour long relaxing treatment (without the kids), how could I refuse?

I decided not to do any research whatsoever into crystal healing and arrived at her clinic completely openminded. Heather was lovely, very welcoming and friendly and the clinic was very nice. I got comfy in her treatment room as she explained all about the hour session and what actually happens.

I revealed to her that I had no ideas about crystal healing or crystals in general. She explained how crystal healing works on our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. The therapy removes bad energy from our body, bringing balance to our body.

I’m quite a sceptical person who struggles with many religious and spiritual beliefs so at this point I really wondered what the hour ahead would entail.

Heather was extremely friendly and I relaxed instantly. She held a crystal up towards me and explained she was checking my Chakras (a word I hadn’t heard before). Put simply, the chakras are the centres in our bodies in which energy flows. The aim of the session was for Heather to rebalance the chakras in my body and repair any holes in my aura (again a word I wasn’t too familiar with).

After checking my chakras and finding out what needs working on, Heather asked me to lie down as she placed different crystals around me and on parts of my face and chest. To say I was sceptical would be an understatement, but a few minutes later I was so relaxed it was amazing.

For most of the session, I lay in silence with my eyes closed. Heather worked with her crystals around me, not making a sound. Quite honestly I could have fallen asleep.

Towards the end of my session, Heather removed the crystals and asked me to sit up once I was ready. She asked if I would like to hear her notes from our session and obviously I said yes! Just as she was about to start, she jumped and looked over my left shoulder. I shuddered and she explained she saw someone stood next to me. She could just see the outline of someones aura and that they just wanted to let me know they were there! Very strange!

Heather explained how she visualises images as she works along my body with the crystals. She talked about white energy circling which referred to anxiety, she mentioned me shooting at lots of different things without a target. This sort of made sense as Heather explained it to mean I should aim to set some proper plans and manifest them rather than spreading yourself to thinly without set goals.

She went on to talk about cord cutting and removing bad energy that others may put there to hold you back.

Overall the session was really interesting and extremely relaxing. You can find out more about crystal healing therapy and the sessions Heather runs by visiting her website.

3 thoughts on “My First Crystal Healing Therapy Session

  1. I am really into crystals and always have been. I have never had any crystal healing done but would be so interested to try it. I have lots of crystals in and around my house and wear jewellery with crystals in. Sounds pretty positive to me.


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