Review: We’re Going On A Bear Hunt Live on Stage

Ten years after it’s first UK tour, the smash-hit production of We’re Going On a Bear Hunt is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the much-loved picture book by Michael Rosen and Helen Orenburg with the 2019 tour! Me and my children were recently invited to the press performance at The Lowry theatre. For more information about tickets and dates, see here.

What a delightful family show! From start to first my children were captivated. It was full of music, Benji Bower creates some wonderful music and songs that by the end the audience were singing along too. Lots of the music is performed live on stage funnily by the family dog, who played a whole range of percussion instruments.

Just like the book, the family go on a bear hunt but there’s a few surprises along the way! The element of ‘play’ shines through the book and in the live stage show, plenty of singing and dancing brings this family favourite story alive.

The set is simple but effective, with all the materials and objects used throughout being everyday things that are usually found at home. Cardboard boxes became trees in the forest, brown paint became the oozy mud and green paper floating as the grass. Lighting played a big part, the snowstorm was certainly a wow factor especially for the children.

There was plenty of audience interaction from start to finish. The audience were asked to sing along, children were asked questions about bears and water guns were even used to wet the us whilst they crossed the river!

The whole performance was full of energy and laughter, creating a magical experience for the younger audiences. This is a definite must-see, catch it now before 1st September 2019 at The Lowry, Manchester.

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