The Reindeer Feeder- Review

We have a few family traditions for Christmas Eve including a Christmas Eve box. My children receive one to share that’s full of Christmas treats for our Christmas Eve movie, some new PJ’s and this year a Shrumann– our very own Reindeer Feeder!

Who feeds the reindeers while Santa delivers the presents? Why a Shrumann does of course, Santa’s Official Reindeer Feeder. But what is a Shrumann? Well its a ‘shorten human’ that originally lived in the North Pole and are one of Santa’s most dedicated workers! Whilst Santa is quietly delivering presents to all those fast asleep girls and boys, the Shrumann pops up the chimney to feed all the reindeer.

We were recently gifted our very own Reindeer Feeder. The Reindeer Feeder comes in a beautiful box that looks more like his home than a cardboard box. He is extremely cute and very soft! The aim of the reindeer feeder is to create a new and imaginative tradition for families. My children haven’t met our Shrumann yet, I’m putting it in their Christmas Eve box.

What’s In The Box…..

  • Your very own super soft Reindeer Feeder,
  • A Reindeer Feeder Licence for you to fill in- give your Shrumann a name,
  • A Reindeer Feeder Sack,
  • A Reindeer Feeder book, a lovely story about a Shrumann named Erik, perfect to share on Christmas Eve,
  • A Reindeer Feeder decal for your window- let Santa know that you have a Reindeer Feeder in your home and that he’s on hand to help with the reindeer.

It’s a lovely idea and I love making Christmas as magical as possible especially whilst my children are still young and excited about Santa. The Shrumann is incredibly cute and I know my kids are going to love him. One thing I love was how simple it is, once we open the box on Christmas Eve and give our Shrumann a name, we place him on the window sill for him to his job. When we put out a mince pie for Santa, we will pop some carrots into the Shrumann’s sack for his reindeer too. He doesn’t need moving or anything, he sits and waits for Santa, which I love, as Christmas can be a stressful time for many and as a busy parent I want to enjoy the period too and not worry about extra things (one reason I don’t do Elf On The Shelf).

Our Shrumann.

Christmas Eve….

My children will receive their Reindeer Feeder and give him a name. We will pop him on the window sill after lots of hugs and stick our window decal ready for Santa to see. Once in their PJ’s, they’ll pop some carrots in the Shrumann’s sack when leaving Santa a mince pies.

Whilst they sleep, they will dream about Santa stopping at their house to deliver them their presents, whilst their Shrumann pops up the chimney to feed Santa’s reindeers.

Magical! I love this and it will make a lovely tradition for our family each year. You can check out more information on The Reindeer Feeder on their Facebook Page and you can buy one for your on family now on Amazon.

I was gifted my own Shrumann in return for an honest review. Keep a look out on social media for when my kids finally meet their Shrumann on Christmas Eve.

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