Inflatable Fun For All at Inflata Nation

Recently, my family and I were invited to come and check out the newly revamped arena in Manchester. Inflata Nation is the UKs first and best inflatable theme parks and the newest member of the ‘Nation’ family. Husband and wife team, Matthew and Michelle firstly launched Jump Nation trampoline parks and now Inflata Nation.

Inflata Nation is for everyone, from children, teens to grown-ups. There is something for everyone to enjoy, including Inflata Tots for the under 4’s.

Booking online was super easy. As our booking email advised, we arrived 15 minutes early so we had plenty of time to check-in, use the lockers and listen to the safety talk. We read and signed the safety waivers beforehand online.

The arena was very clean and bright. We had not told the kids were we were going so they were extremely excited when they saw all the inflatables. As you enter, the first thing you notice are the Inflata Bubbles, which are super bouncy. For the first 10 minutes, none of us could decide what to go on first and we all just ran around not knowing what to do! We were all too excited and had too much choice!

The boys went on the super slides- all three of them loving the vertical drop slides, especially Oscar! Those slides were his favourite and he could not get enough of them! Isla is not as much of a dare devil as her twin brother and she much preferred the ball pool. She loved throwing the balls into the basketball hoops as well as bouncing off the sides.

All five of us had a go of the tipping slide together. It was so much fun and was all laughed for hard! Before it starts to inflate higher, we all jumped on and tried to climb to the top. Joshua made it look easy, the rest of us took quite a while. Once at the top and the slide is still inflating (it is almost vertical), all we can do is try to hold on! One by one, we all started to slip and slide down. Joshua was certainly the best at this.

Our favourite was definitely the Inflata Race obstacle course. The 2-lane assault course was lots of fun and we could not get the kids of it- even when mummy and daddy needed a rest! We all raced each other as we climbed through holes, over obstacles, dodged, bashed and jumped as well and there was plenty of slides to rush down too. This was certainly my favourite part.

Manchester’s Inflatable Theme Park Activities-

*Inflata Race 2- interactive obstacle course that allows you to race against a friend

*Inflata Super Slides – jaw dropping two lane vertical drop slides and a tipping slide so you can test your balance. Hold on as long as you can!

*Inflata Ball Pool and basketball hoops

*Inflata Duel- try and beat your opponent on the wibbly wobbly gladiator duel platform

*Inflata Tots- mini inflatable area for the under 4’sincluding soft play and ball pool.

Whether you are looking for a fun family day out or fancy trying something new, why not try out Inflata Nation now. I was gifted tickets to Inflata Nation and are sharing my views on our visit.

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