Cockfields Halloween Pumpkin Festival.

Cockfields Farm is just round the corner from us, it’s right on the border of Oldham and Tameside. We love visiting the farm all year round, but I love going when they have a special event on. They put so much effort and thought into your experience, making it extra special for the children.

This morning we headed to Cockfields Farm for their Halloween Pumpkin Festival! The kids were so excited, they even put on their fancy dress costumes.

We arrived nice and early, which meant it was easy to park and it wasn’t too busy at all. There was a member of staff directing the cars which would be helpful as the car park starts to get busy. Once we were in we had a look around, the farm had been decorated brilliantly and all the staff looked fab!


Over the weekend, there are family Halloween shows running every hour. We headed to the first showing and the kids loved it! It was super funny, full of singing and dancing with plenty of sweets to be won!

We next heading to the Haunted Pumpkin Patch to pick our very own pumpkins! This looked fab.

Before picking our pumpkins, we headed into the craft barn where the kids each made their own witches wand!

The pumpkin patch was great, filled with hundreds of different sized and shaped pumpkins. the kids all ran around deciding with one to choose. Once we had one each, we headed to carve them!

The carving barn was great, plenty of staff on hand to help. There was plenty of carving tools for the children and even some stencils to help you with your creation. After carving, mine and daddy’s hands felt frozen so we definitely needed to head to the cafe for a hot drink to warm them up!

As well as all the Halloween activities going on there was also all the fun of the farm to enjoy. We fed the animals, met the reptiles and cuddled the guinea pigs and baby chicks! Don’t forget about the park, beach area and bouncy pillow! There was absolutely loads to keep the kids entertained! We got there for 10am when it opened and left just before 1pm.

Whilst the kids played inside the toddler area and in the little cars, us parents relaxed (and warmed back up) with a fancy hot chocolate and a gorgeous cake! I had an Aero Bubble Slice! Amazing!

Tickets are on sale for the Halloween Pumpkin Festival right now until 31st October! Pre book your tickets now here, there will be a limited number of tickets available each day on the door.

Check out all the details for the Cockfields Christmas Experience now! We went last year and it was definitely an experience to remember, an extra special day!

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