Turn Your Rubbish Into Toys with Re,Cycle,Me

In the recent months, I’ve been looking for more and more ideas to keep my three busy at home. During lockdown we were at home most of the day, everyday and it can be hard keeping children entertained. My eldest had plenty of school work to keep him entertained but with my younger two the days could seem a bit daunting.

I was sent a couple of boxes called Re,Cycle,Me- a toy company that aim to teach children and parents to use normal household items (that end up in the bin) and create some fantastic toys and games! We were kindly gifted the Unicorn Playworld (to the delight of my little girl) and The Games Box from Jumping Flea Trading.

Each box contains instructions plus loads of materials including paints, coloured paper, stickers, gems and plenty other crafty bits. All you need is some glue, a pair of scissors and to raid your recycling bin. Both boxes required tin can, toilet papers rolls, egg cartons and milk carton! Most families have plenty of these things lying around, we even asked grandparents to save some for us.

Me and Isla got started with the unicorn playworld straight away. All the materials came in a large cardboard box, which when we cut it open we realised you turn the box inside out for our playworld scene. I thought this was fantastic, no unnecessary waste, we were using the entire thing. We used the paints and stickers included to paint the scene and it soon looked fab! We’ve made toadstools and flowers, we’re also half way through creating our unicorn and fairy.

Our Unicorn Playworld

Oscar, Isla and myself also checked out the games box. The first thing we did was collect some tin cans and we made a game perfect for the garden. Using the stickers provided, we recycled the tin cans that usually go in our recycling bin and soon had a brilliant game. The kids threw some bean bags at the funny faces and this kept them happy for ages. We’ve used it several times since with family when they’ve come to visit us in the garden.

We’re now saving up more paper rolls and toilet paper rolls to make a game using marbles. I love the concept behind these products. It’s brilliant to find a creative use for our household items but it’s also made me realise just how much rubbish we do produce. It’s fab to see such a product that can help children think about the items we use on a day to day basis.

I will certainly check out the other boxes they have including rockets and dinosaurs. I think these products would make a lovely gift, perfect for birthday and Christmas. Find out more about these products here or check them out on Amazon.

These products were gifted to us in return of an honest review.

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