Wonderful Wintertime Weekend Box

We like to be Out and About, whatever the weather! The kids never get bored when were outdoors as there’s so much to see and do. But what about the days when you have to stay at home? My kids get bored at home easily and I find it difficult keeping all three of them entertained at the same time.

Have you heard of the Weekend Box Club? It’s easy to find things to do at the weekend when your a member of the Weekend Box Club; a box full of everything you’ll need for a fun weekend gets delivered right to your door!

I loved the concept so as you can imagine I jumped at the chance to check out one of their boxes. We were kindly gifted one of their Wonderful Wintertime boxes in return for an honest review. The kids were extremely excited when the box popped through the letter box last Thursday, I promised them that we would investigate what’s inside at the weekend!

Last Saturday it was one of the first sunny and warm days of the year. After a morning at the park, we headed into the garden with our box. Inside we found all the ingredients for 4 fun-filled activities. There’s a new theme every fortnight with something to make, bake, explore and more!

The first activity we decided to try out was to make some Pop-Up Pengiuns. The instructions tells you what’s included in the box and whats needed in addition, in this case we only needed to find a pair of scissors and a pencil! Everything else was provided including different coloured card, googly eyes and stickly dots.

This was brilliant as I didn’t have to search the house for art supplies or head to the shops. It also comes with a step-by-step guide which is also great, especially if your not the most creative person. The guide was simple and easy to follow, my 6 year-old enjoyed reading what to do.

The kids loved making them and we had lots of fun, check out our pop-up penguins!

The kids didn’t want to stop there so we went straight into the next activity- making Rocky Road Snow Bites! Again all we needed was a bowl, a plate, a spoon and a small amount of icing sugar. Included in the box was mini marshmallows,a biscuit and some white chocolate buttons.

The kids took turns in mixing and breaking the biscuit up, Joshua even stood by the fridge watching the clock so he knew when they were ready.

We love to bake but it can be hard work with two toddlers wanting to join in. These rocky road snow bites where simple to make and the instructions simple to follow, we will definitely make them again. They were yummy too!

We still have two activities to check out, we ran out of time last weekend! The kids can’t wait, they won’t let me forget! It’s half term now so I’m sure they’ll come in handy during this week off school whilst we are looking for something to do.

For more information on the Weekend Box Club and to get your hands on a box, see here!

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