Footloose Review Manchester

This week the Opera House Manchester was full of the 80’s vibes, Footloose has come to town! It was press night earlier this week and it was such a good night!

Footloose is showing at the Opera House Manchester now until Saturday 5th March 2022.

Based on the 1980’s smash-hit movie, Footloose is full of 80’s classic hits including Holding Out For a Hero and of course Footloose! Footloose follows City boy Ren who is forced to move from the big city to the middle of nowhere! Just when he thinks life can’t get any worse, he finds out that in the local local dancing and rock music are banned! Ren needs to take things into his own hands in order to get everyone to cut loose.

It was great fun from start to finish, bright and colourful throughout. Jam packed with singing and dancing. A few of my favourite scenes had to be the numbers ‘Holding Out For a Hero’ and ‘Mama Say’s (You Can’t Back Down’, both outstanding!

Jake Quickenden played Willard Hewitt, Ren’s new friend and he gave such a great performance. He was a funny character and the audience loved him. He was brilliant in big number number ‘Mama Says’, I really was impressed! It was a memorable number.

Darren Day gave a great portrayal as Rev. Shaw Moore, he has a fantastic voice and was a great character. Ren McCormack played by Joshua Hawkins also gave a fab performance, he seemed to dance with a flawless effort. It was Ariel Moore, played by Lucy Munden who’s voice was absolutely outstanding! I really enjoyed the diner scene when Ariel sang ‘Holding Out For a Hero’, just a lively and joyful scene.

Probably the most impressive aspect of this stage show was that all the musical instruments were played by the actors on the stage! They were acting, dancing and playing instruments.

Footloose is showing at the Opera House Manchester now until Saturday 5th March 2022. For tickets and more information see here.

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