Oopsie Heroes Helped Isla Become Dry At Night

You may remember me taking about Oopsie Heroes a while back. We have now been using the product for almost a month and I wanted to give you an update.

Oopsie Heroes is a bed-wetting alarm, which with the use of a tiny sensory and an app, teaches your child how to make it to the toilet in time during the night. You can read all about how it works and for more information about why I wanted to try it out with my daughter in my previous post.


At first Isla was a little apprehensive when I showed her the sensory, so we took a look at the app first. She loved the app. We played around with the alarm for a while, listening to the different alarm nosies, there’s even an option to have a parents voice! In the end, I managed to get Isla to let me attach the sensory to her pyjamas by recording the chorus of “Let It Go’ onto the app as the alarm! From then on she has happily gone to bed each night wearing the sensor.


We made using the sensory and alarm part of her bed-time routine. After brushing her teeth and having a story, Isla would have a wee before attaching the sensory and turning the alarm on. After saying good night, I left my IPad just outside her bedroom on the landing so we both could hear it.


We have been so impressed! From the first day using the alarm Isla has hardly had any accidents. She regularly now wakes from the alarm during the night and manages to go on the toilet. Previously she was waking every morning with a wet pull-up, we swapped the pull-ups on day one for the alarm. Some nights she sleeps right through without waking and no accidents.


Before we tried out the alarm I was trying to figure out the best why of helping Isla become dry throughout the night. She so desperately wanted to not wear nappies like her twin brother but was wet each morning. She took longer than my boys to potty train during the day, she seemed to stress much more than them about having accidents and used to get upset. The alarm has helped Isla become much more confident and helped her deal with any accidents, which have very rarely happened during the last month.

We love this product, Isla especially does. It’s really helped us and in such a short space of time. We will continue to use it each night for as long as Isla wants to use it. More information about Oopsie Heroes can be found on their website.

We were kindly gifted this product in exchange for an honest review.

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