Outdoor Theatre with Heartbreak Productions- The Great Gatsby.

Over the years, my family and I have been invited to plenty of outdoor performances from Heartbreak Productions. They have certainly been the highlight of our summer, what ever the weather (and we have seen these shows in all kinds of weather) we’ve never been disappointed!

Over the weekend, my husband and I set up our camping chairs and picnic in Fletcher Moss park and enjoyed watching The Great Gatsby.

We’ll it was a fabulous night! The sun was actually shining and the atmosphere was great. The story follows a brunch of New Yorkers who live the glitz and glamour of the infamous Gatsby and the parties he hosts. But who is Gatsby?

There was plenty of live music, with all the cast playing instruments and singing- and wow could they all sing, they had great voices. There was also plenty of 1920’s dancing that the audience joined in with, and we had lots of fun!

Over the years I’ve seen several outdoor plays, just a few that that could to mind would be Pride and Prejudice, The Railway Children and Romeo and Juliet.

Check out what’s on this summer including The Great Gatsby, Midsummer Night’s Dream, Wonder With Grim and there’s still chance to catch Mr Stink at Fletcher Moss.

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